5 Uses for IoT in EdTech

The world of technology is constantly moving forward, so don’t be surprised if you have never even heard about some of the latest developments. The Internet of Things is still one of those concepts that seem complicated and distant enough from your daily life. Many people who know something about IoT usually associate it with talking fridges and smartwatches.

Of course, they are not wrong, but this is only a very small part of all the things that IoT can do! There are many sectors that are starting to use this technology more and more because the potential is pretty astonishing. There are many opportunities for companies, average users, and even students who want to incorporate the Internet of Things into their daily lives.

Some universities already use IoT in their curriculum. It makes life easier both for professors and students. Of course, many learners resort to studying the topic on their own. They can even use it while looking for writing serviceswhere you can buy essay online at $11/page! For example, they can receive a quality paper and make some revisions on the go from their smartwatch.

In reality, the application of IoT in the world is much more complex than that. So, here are five uses for IoT in EdTech!

What is the Internet of Things?

For those who have no idea what any of this means, here is a short explanation. IoT is a general term that is used to describe the connection between different everyday devices through the internet. This type of connection doesn’t need any human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction to transport the data.

Think about electronic lighting, cars, or smart clothes. This is all IoT! There are many sectors that have already been using this innovation for quite some time. Here are just a couple of them:


  • hospitality;
  • healthcare;
  • retail;
  • manufacture;

Five uses of IoT in education technology

Now let’s focus on the EdTech part of the Internet of Things and its purpose in this field. You might not think about it, but there are plenty of examples of IoT in the life of an average student. Even when you are browsing through the best essay writing service reviews from your smartwatch or when you turn off your Roomba remotely from your phone, it’s the IoT.

School security

For all campuses, the safety of their students should be a number one priority. This is why EdTech and the security segment are working closely together to bring new features with the help of the Internet of Things. Some recent statistics show that more than half of all schools are already using IoT for their safety needs, combined with smart devices for their networks.

There are some universal features of the IoT that are used in security, and some of them are very specific to the education sector. Let’s take a closer look at some of these features:

  • smart surveillance cameras;
  • gunshot detection systems;
  • detection of trespassers;
  • theft and bullying prevention;
  • smart cards for students to use for classroom and lab access.

Interactive learning

This is a great field that offers many prospects for professors and for learners. Together with machine learning and artificial intelligence, the IoT has done wonders in interactive learning. You might already have some smart blackboards and an electronic online curriculum, which makes your life much easier. Basically, most tech with a touchpad is IoT.


You can see even more cool stuff in your lecture halls in the future! There are some firms that focus solely on making student learning experiences better. For example, there are some interactive displays that are adjusted for campus usage. Teachers can unlock them with their prints, open menus, and display files. Students usually respond better to such technologies!

Healthcare on campus

Another huge niche that needs to be filled is the well-being of the residents. Not all learners actually pay attention to their mental and physical health. With the help of the IoT, some devices can detect various health problems early on. These devices are small enough not to notice them on your body, but they can potentially notice changes in your health and even save your life.

Disability assistance

With technological progress, learners with disabilities can easily integrate into an inclusive classroom! Today, campuses are very open to new ideas about making college life great for all residents. The Internet of Things has done a lot in this field, allowing all learners to get the top-quality education that they deserve and break any barriers that might arise in the process!

Resource management

This is the side of EdTech that nobody really thinks about, but it’s still pretty cool. One of the greatest challenges for school administration is to find and distribute resources in such a way that everybody on campus can function. Financing is a big issue for the educational sector, so monitoring and optimizing such things as utilities and other resources can save some money.


So there you have it, five uses for the Internet of Things in EdTech! For some people, it’s a pretty hard concept to understand. But in reality, you might have already been using it without even knowing it! Smart appliances, lighting, and learning devices are a huge part of a modern campus already. There will be even more applications for IoT in the future!