What is VBS Malware Gen ? [Removal Guide For Mac]

VBS Malware GenVBS: Malware Gen is a generic term used to identify trojan horses. From displaying harmless ads to stealing data straight-on, the threat from this malware can be in the form of unauthorized remote computer access and other malicious activities as well.

If there was one thing that worked best for Apple computers, it was their less vulnerability to VIRUSes. However, with advancements in technology came increased threat to system security. If you are using a Mac, no matter what you do, you will face the same level of threat as Windows users do.

One such threat that intimidates Mac users the most is VBS:Malware-Gen. Though this is not something that a Mac user should be very much worried about, it doesn’t hurt to keep an open mind about it. In this article, we will discuss on VBS:Malware-Gen, the ways to avoid it and how Mac users can remove it from their system.

What is VBS:Malware-Gen?

The VBS:Malware-Gen can enter your system without your noticing and may target system vulnerabilities to steal user data and change system settings. Furthermore, these programs can serve as a backdoor to other malicious software.

Since VBS:Malware-Gen includes a wide variety of computer viruses, it is hard to accurately define the traits. However, most of them reflect a typical behaviour, which can be identified as the aftereffects of a Malware attack.

Upon targeting a computer, the VBS:Malware-Gen performs a series of changes which can be in the form of changes to browser settings, scheduling new and unknown tasks, recurring shutdown and spawning of Windows processes, modifications to Windows Registry files, and auto-installation of third-party applications without admin permission, etc.

Malware may perform these tasks to steal user data, turn your computer system into a spam machine, redirect your browser surfing to sponsored websites, and similar. Hackers who plan malware attacks always do it for personal or monetary gains. Another form of malware known as ransomware can be used to threaten users and extort money out of them in exchange for data decryption.

If they do not receive money, hackers may then sell the stolen data on the dark web to make financial profits. Therefore, it goes without saying that VBS:Malware-Gen can vandalise system security and bring about data integrity issues.

This generation of the Malware is known to rarely produce any symptoms. This makes the removal process a bit trickier, especially for those who do not have access to security software. Thus, experts always stress on installing anti-malware such as Reimage and SpyHunter, etc. which offers protection against most of the malicious software. In some cases, certain AV engines were reported to identify the legit processes as false positive. So, if the same happens to you, be cautious before performing any file removal task or it could hamper your computer performance.

Tips To Avoid Malware

While no existing methods can help secure your machine completely, there are some precautions you can always take to improve total system security and reduce the chances of future virus attacks. Here are some security tips you can practice:

Avoid opening spam emails

Spam emails are a form of phishing technique practiced widely by hackers to install malware in your system. If you receive an email with some link in it, do not try to open it, or better yet, do not click on the email itself. Do not try to install any executable file which is shared via email.

Using Stronger Passwords

Avoid using passwords that are easily predictable and can be broken. A majority of malware attacks are carried out after breaking the system passwords.

Update System Programs and Security Licenses

Older versions of system files and installed programs are more prone to malware attacks. It is therefore suggested to update the installed programs and the security licenses regularly.

Removing VBS:Malware-Gen from your Mac

In order to remove the malware, it is essential that you first verify whether or not your Mac.is actually infected. In order to do it, you can use the malware removal tools developed specifically for Mac.

Using Adwaremedic

Adwaremedic removal toolAdwaremedic is a program that can perform quick cleanup. If your system does not have this program installed, you can download the same from its official website.

Once you have downloaded the program, run it on your Mac. If your system prompts you for the Gatekeeper question saying you cannot install it from a source outside the App Store, go to System Preferences and turn off the Gatekeeper.

Tip: Before attempting to install the program, make sure you close all the browsers that you are running on your Mac.

Once the installation process is complete, launch the program.

Click on “Scan for Adware”. The program will now run a quick scan to check if any adware is found in your system. If you are prompted with “No Adware found”, congratulations! However, if the message says, “Adware detected”, click on the “Remove Adware” button. Click on “Okay”. Once the adware has been removed, restart your Mac computer. All the infected files will be moved to the “Trash Can.” Click on “Empty Trash” to get rid of these files.

Removing extensions and apps containing malware

There is a reason why doctors stress on “Prevention is better than cure”. The best way you can prevent your Mac from getting infected from malware is by keeping it clean at all times.

Using the Mac Cleaner software

Mac cleaner programs scan for infectious programs that pose a threat to your Mac system. They find all the unused apps, browser extensions, system folders and files, and scan them to clean your system of virus infections.

Follow the steps to clean your Mac:

  • Download the Mac cleaner program and choose a module like system files, extensions or programs, etc.
  • Scan your computer system to clean up files and apps.

Once the clean up process is complete on your Mac, it will have more space and agility to perform tasks quickly.

The Final word

Being a Mac user means taking extra precautions. Thinking your system is safe from Malware attacks is an incorrect approach. Install an effective malware removal tool and we promise you won’t ever regret it.

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