Vistaprint Affiliate Program Review [Rates & Terms]

Vistaprint is an online printing store, offering nearly everything from business cards to signs or banners to printed graphic clothing with your design on it! The Vistaprint affiliate program gives people like you and me the opportunity to promote their products while earning some cash.

I think that the Vistaprint Affiliate Program is a great program for those who produce business geared content, but not for others as it may be hard to get customers. 

The Vistaprint Affiliate Program has a commission rate of 12%-25% with an additional $3 bonus on every product sold. This is a higher rate than most Affiliate Programs.

Important Stats 

Commission Rate: 20% (On Average) 

Cookie Window: 15 – 30 day return visit

Apply Thru: Commission Junction, Flexofers, VigLink

This review will give an in-depth look at the Vistaprint affiliate program.

How to join Vistaprint Affiliate Program

Vistaprint Affiliate Program’s Commission Rates and Rules

The commission rate for Vistaprint Affiliate Program is very good compared to many other affiliate programs. The commission rate for Vistaprint Affiliate Program is stated on their website as

  • Ranging from 12%-25% on net sales 
  • An additional $3 per order being earned on every sale, even on freebie products. 
  • The Vistaprint Affiliate website does not list any cookie limits on how long someone has to buy from your affiliate link after their first initial view.

This is much a higher earning potential to the Amazon Associates program, which has an 8% commission rate. Affiliates also earn commissions on any personal purchases they may make with Vistaprint. 

In order to know how much I’ve earned in commissions with this program, I can check through the Vistaprint Affiliate Network, which is updated with my statistics on a daily basis. Compensation for any commissions earned is paid on a monthly basis. 

Anyone in the world can join this program. The is no affiliate restriction if you are not from the U.S., however, all buyers on the U.S. site pay in U.S. dollars. Therefore, commission payments are made with U.S. currency. Vistaprint does operate websites internationally, and each country has it’s own Affiliate program.

If you are not U.S. based, you are welcome to join the U.S. program, but are encouraged to also see what other countries have similar programs. Vistaprint has other affiliate programs in the following countries:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • France
  • India
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • The Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Portugal
  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Switzerland
  • The United Kingdom
  • Japan

Vistaprint Affiliate Program Tools and Support

Vistaprint does a great job at making advertising and working as easy and seamless as possible for members of their affiliate program. They offer a variety of tools, banners, and offers to make selling products a breeze, such as:

  • Processing orders and handling customer service
  • Frequently providing affiliates with updated ads
  • Providing tutorials for affiliates to help them boost sales
  • Having a convenient commissions tracking system

How do you join the Vistaprint Affiliate Program?

The process is quite simple. To join the Vistaprint Affiliate Program, I registered my website and requested to join the Vistaprint Affiliate Program through the platform found on their Affiliate Program tab on the Vistaprint website. It is also completely free to join the Vistaprint Affiliate Program.

Before I could get started, I had to first read and accept the Vistaprint Affiliate Agreeement. After that, I completed an application for the Vistaprint Affiliate Network program on the Vistaprint website.

Vistaprint will then review an applicants website to see whether or not they would like to partner with you for this program. Eventually Vistaprint reaches out to all appplicantsto let them know whether or not their application was accepted.

Vistaprint does require applicants to have a website. Although you can have multiple websites under one Vistaprint Affiliate Partnernship, you must have at least one. You cannot become a Vistaprint Affiliate without a website.

The Vistaprint Affiliate program website states that while most websites are eligible to participate in their program, they do reserve the right to deny any website that has objectionable material on it. 

If accepted into this program, a Vistaprint Affiliate does not have too many responsibilities as the program is relatively hands off after the initial startup.

As a Vistaprint Affiliate, I have found that the only responsibility that comes with this role is putting links on your website and following the Affiliate Search and Public Relations policy. Vistaprint will handle everything else.

Pros and Cons of the Vistaprint Affiliate Program

There are numerous pros and cons to this program. Overall, I believe it is a fairly good program, but as nothing is perfect, there are are couple of cons ass well.

Pros of the Vistaprint Affiliate Program

  • High commission rates compared to other similar programs.
  • Relatively hands off program with minimal responsibilities.
  • It is completely free to join the program and there are no hidden fees.

Cons of the Vistaprint Affiliate Program

  • Like any affiliate program, there is no guarantee you will make a profit
  • Vistaprint is not as widely known as some of its competitors
  • Even though the commission rate is good, you may earn more at a more popular competitor’s affiliate program
  • You are only paid once per month

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much does Vistaprint pay its affiliates?

Vistaprint pays its affiliates anywhere between 12% to 25% on each commission, with an additional $3 for every order you get.

 What products are eligible for affiliate sales?

All products, including “free” products, are eligible for commission via affiliate sales. Products purchased by the affiliate are also eligible for commission as long as they use their affiliate link to make the purchase.

Does Vistaprint run its own affiliate program?

A: Yes, Vistaprint does run its own affiliate program. However, it states on their website that they do partner with other programss and organizations to make the experience as good as possible for both Vistaprint and affiliates. The website does not directly state which programs it works with for this purpose.

How to promote Vistaprint online

If you are aiming to try to make an income through the commission you earn on these products, it is important to do some research on what the most popular Vistaprint and competitor products currently are.

Luckily for you and I, Vistaprint has a tab on their website listing which of their products are currently trending. This way, affiliates have a way of knowing what it hot, and what is not. I would also advise that you make a point to keep up with whe items are trending and changing.

Currently, the Vistaprint trending products page lists the following products as their most popular:
A-Frame Stands

  • Posters
  • Business Cards
  • T-shirts
  • Yard Signs
  • Paper Bags
  • Roll Labels (Containing stickers)
  • Vinyl Banners
  • Postcards (With QR Codes)
  • Business Cards (With QR Codes)
  • Posters (With QR Codes)
  • Custom Sticker Sheets (With QR Codes)

In order to properly market towards consumers, it is important to know what your audience wants to buy, and to produce content on your website that will help you draw more viewers who are likely to purchase a product via your affiliate link.

For example, if your website is a fashion blog that focuses on current clothing and beauty trends, you are not as likely to sell the products from your Vistaprint affiliate link as you would be if your blog had a focus on small business ownership and marketing. This will help you to increase your commission as your website will be drawing viewers that are more likely to make purchases.

Programs related to the Vistaprint Affiliate Program

If the Vistaprint Affiliate Program does not seem like the right fit for your needs, another similar program is the Amazon Affiliate Program.

Personally, I believe that this program is better than the Vistaprint affiliate program simply because Amazon is an incredibly well known brand, whereas Vistaprint does not have a larger consumer base.

Even though the Amazon Affiliate Program only has an 8% commission rate, Amazon is a household name and the average person buys from Amazon, making purchases from your affiliate link more likely as Amazon is a well known and trusted brand. 

Amazon also has a much wider selection of items. They sell everything from business products like Vistaprint, to beauty products, to household goods. As an Amazon Affiliate, you can make commissions on pretty much any type of product.

Regardless of what the usual content on your website may be, it is likely that you will be able to find a product on Amazon that you can market. In comparison to Vistaprint, Amazon is an incredibly strong brand.

Should you become a Vistaprint Affiliate?

I think the answer to this question strongly depends on what it is you have on your website. If you are a website that caters to businesses, marketing, and business supplies, I would strongly encourage it.

The Vistaprint Affiliate Program has a much higher than average commission rate, and if you are able to utiliize their program well it could help give your wallet a hefty boost. This is a very good program, and it could help you to work smarter, not harder.

On the other hand, if you are someone who caters to niches outside of the type of products and people that Vistaprint considers their customers, I would say you are better off looking for a different affiliate program than this one. There are a wide array of different types of affiliate programs, and there is a program for everyone!

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