VPN Browser Extension For Chrome VS Firefox – How to Choose The Right One

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are currently two common web browsers browsing the Internet. Both receive improvements and updates from time to time. Still, privacy and anonymity remain two major concerns of those who use them. Both Chrome and Firefox have 50-60% vulnerabilities when connected to the Internet.

A virtual private network (VPN) can help reduce the vulnerabilities on these browsers to a large extent in an internet session. But instead of using a VPN, the users of Chrome and Firefox can also choose another option. They can also explore using a free VPN for Chrome and Firefox browsers. These are browser extensions with the features of a VPN.

What is a VPN Browser Extension?

A browser extension is a plugin for a browser with special features and functions. By definition, a VPN browser extension is a plugin that entails the characteristics of a virtual private network. The majority of browsers offer this option to users, but most prefer the VPN browser extension of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

A VPN browser extension is lightweight compared to a VPN application. It is a handy option for devices with lower random access memory (RAM) space. Just like a VPN, it encrypts data from web browsers. It also masks the IP address and location information to provide users of browsers anonymity. A browser extension for VPN transmits data from a web browser to an intended server through a secure server.

For the convenience of users, both Chrome and Firefox provide them with the feature of a VPN extension. Like a VPN, it also helps users meet the requirements for stepping up the VPN game on the Internet.

Do you use both Chrome and Mozilla alternatively? If yes, you would want to know which one is a better option between these choices. Read on to get a good understanding of it.

VPN Browser Extension for Chrome Vs. Firefox – Salient Points to Make an Informed Choice

On paper, both Chrome and Firefox offer a long list of VPN extensions. Many VPN services provide extensions for both browsers. They do their best to provide the same features in both options.

Some features of Chrome may defer from Firefox. For this reason, the extension of the former may be different from the latter on some counts. To draw a meaningful comparison of the extension of both these browsers, you need to choose a top option available for both browsers.

It should possess features like complete leak protection, fast connection speeds, and bandwidth without any limit. Also, you should be able to down a VPN browser extension with ease.

Here are some points that most users consider while choosing a VPN extension for Chrome or Firefox.

  1. Number of Users

The number of users reflects a VPN extension’s credence for Chrome or a VPN add-on for Mozilla Firefox. On Google Chrome Web Store and at the link to download Mozilla addons, you can find this detail on the right side of the star ratings.

  1. Security

Encryption is one of the benefits of a VPN. This feature helps scramble data to prevent unauthorized access to it by cybercriminals. The military-grade 256bit encryption feature is a must for VPN extensions for Chrome and Firefox. With this feature, you can prevent any third party from accessing your data or stealing it online.

Also, you should check for the availability of other top security protocols such as OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, Wireguard, and IPSec/IKEv2.

  1. Complete Freedom

VPN servers’ availability allows users to change their geolocations to access the content of blocked sites in certain regions. By choosing an option that has several VPN servers, you can browse different websites with freedom.

  1. Speed

Whether you wish to download files or stream your favorite shows, you need a VPN extension for chrome with a top speed. Taking care of this feature will ensure that there wouldn’t be a performance lag when you connect your device to the Internet through the VPN extension on either Chrome or Firefox.

  1. Streaming Servers

Ideally, you would want an option to unlock content on YouTube, Disney Plus, HBO NOW, Amazon Prime, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and several other streaming sites. So, check the streaming platforms that a VPN service supports before using its VPN extension for Chrome or Firefox.

  1. Anonymity

Whether you use the VPN extension of this server on Chrome or Firefox, you should be able to protect your anonymity by choosing one of its remote servers. For best results, choose an option that has servers in different countries.

  1. Easy Set-up

If you are worried about setting up a VPN, you need to choose a VPN extension for Chrome or Firefox that you can install and use without any hassle. You may need to create an account to use some VPN services. It is okay if you do not need to follow any complicated steps to set it up.

Urban VPN: The Viable Alternative to VPN Extensions for Chrome & Firefox

If you are looking for an acceptable substitute for a reliable browser extension with top features, Urban VPN is the ideal option for your needs. It is a free unlimited VPN that is loaded with several useful features. By using it, you can benefit from the following features:

  • Blazing VPN speeds: The servers of Urban VPN are spread in different countries. They offer blazing VPN speeds, which means you can browse the Internet without worrying about slow internet speed.
  • Privacy and security: Urban VPN replaces the original IP address of your device with the IP address of one of its servers. This helps protect the anonymity of users. The VPN also offers DNS/IPv6 leak protection which ensures data privacy.
  • Unlimited servers and location switches: Urban VPN lets you choose one of its unlimited servers from 21 different countries. Thus, you can easily make several location switches to connect to different parts of the world.
  • Free access to all websites: Users can access any website they want with unlimited bandwidth due to access to a huge network featuring several servers.

Final Thoughts

When choosing a VPN browser extension for Chrome or Firefox, you can weigh your option based on the above points. You’ll find that most VPN services provide almost the same set of features in the VPN extensions of both browsers. If you wish to use a feature-rich VPN without bothering about paying a fee, you can try out Urban VPN, which provides the advanced features of a virtual private network free of cost.

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