3 Ways Tech Can Elevate Your Presentations

Creating and delivering an effective presentation isn’t as easy as inputting all your information into a PowerPoint presentation and showing it to your colleagues. In fact, it can be pretty challenging to design a professional PowerPoint and deliver a presentation that leaves a lasting impact on your audience.

As technology develops, our ability to tell a story and share a message becomes enhanced. Using technology during your presentation can help to enrich your presentation, captivate your audience, and get your message across in the most effective way possible.

Here are a few valuable ways you can incorporate technology into your next presentation.

1. Use A Remote

If you’re not already using a remote to switch between slides during your presentations, this should be the first item on your list to pick up before your next presentation. Using a wireless remote to switch between slides creates a more fluid presentation as you won’t have to walk back and forth to your laptop to change slides. You will also be able to stand at the front of the room instead of having to stand behind your computer. This allows you to engage more with your audience and will make you appear more confident and credible.

Some remotes will also include a laser pointer that you can use to direct your audience to specific areas on your slides and a timer that you can use to ensure your presentation is staying on schedule.

2. Download Interactive Apps

Depending on the type of presentation you are giving, audience interaction may be extremely important. There are several apps that you can use to get feedback from your audience throughout your presentation. This can be in the form of multiple-choice questions, polls, or written responses.

If the application you are using requires your audience to download anything, make sure you notify your audience of this beforehand so you don’t have to pause your presentation as everyone downloads the app. You should also ensure that you yourself are comfortable with the application so that if any issues arise, you know how to sort them out.

3. Use a Video Conferencing Program

In the past two years, the use of video conferencing programs like Zoom and Google Meets has skyrocketed. These platforms have become a saving grace for those whose careers involve a lot of presentations but who have had to work remotely. Understanding how to use a video conferencing program effectively adds another hurdle to your presentation, but if done properly, these tools can actually really enhance your presentations.

Familiarize yourself with the program you’ll be using beforehand to work out any kinks and ensure you understand how everything works. Most programs will have chat and poll functions that you can use to interact with your audience and keep them engaged during your presentation. You can also record your presentation for anyone who may not be able to attend or to watch it back yourself and see what areas you could improve on before your next presentation.

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