7 Ways To Improve Your Online Gaming Experience

The gaming industry has increased in popularity over the recent years. There are now over two billion gamers around the globe, and counting, as the industry becomes more accessible, cheaper, and versatile for people to connect and play with. So, no matter if you’re young or old, or using your mobile phone, PC, or console for your chosen game, many have been enticed to play games online.   

For some, online gaming could be considered an all-time favorite hobby some even buy lol accounts. For others, though, it becomes their passion and could lead to an online career. For instance, you can earn money by joining esports tournaments on high-profile games. Online, you can search how to earn money playing Fortnite professionally and other popular online games.   

As you become exposed to numerous choices of online games, over time, you’ll also discover your playing style and the accessories and upgrades you’ll need to match your chosen game. There are many ways to get the best out of your chosen game that may help you become a better player and intensify your gaming time.   

Check out seven ways you can improve your online gaming experience and optimize your time playing online.   

Keep The Sound Effects On

Sound effects and background music can make a game more realistic and enjoyable. It’s impossible to be ‘in the moment’ with the game you’re playing if you can’t hear the game effects and sounds, not to mention some games require audio for gamers to listen to instructions, clues, or to simply intensify the adventure.  

Imagine if NBA Live had no commentators or crowd noises in the background? The game might feel bland, and you might feel underwhelmed. Audible noises can drive the vibe and keep you fully immersed.  

So, don’t hesitate to get yourself high-end speakers or headphones for better sound quality, if your budget can allow it. You may also want to personalize the sound settings to best suit your needs. After all, each player has different tastes, including the sound settings.   

Set Up A Gaming Station 

Before jumping into your technical needs, you’ve got to first prioritize your physical needs for a stable gaming environment. As you savor the fun and excitement of playing online games, make sure it doesn’t compromise your physical comfort and wellbeing. With that said, invest in a comfortable gaming chair that’s beneficial to your gaming experience and looks out for both your body and health condition. 

When choosing your gaming chair, go for something that isn’t too hard or solid; it should support your back and body position correctly and can be cared for and maintained easily. For a cheaper alternative, you can also opt for a comfy computer chair. Aside from gaming chairs, consider investing in a desk that matches your height to make it easier for you to sustain a good posture while playing. For your computer, adjust the screen brightness to a level that’s gentle on the eyes.  

Improve Your Network Speed 

Keep in mind that network speed is crucial if you’d like uninterrupted participation. It’s a common assumption for many gamers that a broadband connection is enough to play any online games they choose. Unfortunately, despite being fast enough to download videos or open various websites, not all broadband connections are designed to cater to online games. Using a slower broadband connection could cause network lags and, therefore, ruin the excitement and thrill for an online gamer. 

To resolve any issues regarding your network speed, make sure you use an internet connection with three to five megabits per second (Mbps) or more for an efficient and faster gaming experience. You can also invest in a gaming router; they’re specifically designed to cater to internet connections best needed for online games.  

Update Your Hardware 

Along with the network speed, your computer could also impact your overall experience. As you play an online game, your computer will connect to a server through its hardware. So, for a smoother gaming experience, invest in an updated computer with larger RAM and more disk space. It’s also recommended to disable any background updates because as it can slow your computer’s performance.

Reduce The Number Of Simultaneous Users 

You’ve probably tried playing an online game in an internet café and experienced the struggle of playing with a slow internet connection and even slower computer performance. That’s because, in an internet café, many individuals are connecting on the same router at the same time. The same circumstance can happen if you’re at home and many of your friends or family members are sharing the internet connection with you. 

To avoid having the share, it’s best to reduce the number of users on your internet. You can do this by checking your router’s setup page and manually removing anyone streaming HD videos or downloading large files. Alternatively, if you do decide to purchase a designated gaming router, you won’t have to share that connection with anyone.  

Close Unused Programs 

Your internet’s bandwidth power provides limited internet, so trying to maximize it by using several programs at the same time can greatly slow your internet’s performance. For instance, if you’re in the middle of a game, while at the same time, you’re downloading large video files in the background, it could slow the speed of your internet, which could cause your game to lag and adversely affect your game’s performance. 

As a solution, make it a point to close all unused programs connected to your internet. You can check this by accessing the Task Manager on your computer and see which programs are currently active while you’re online gaming.  

Tag Your Friends Along With The Fun 

Suppose you have a gaming station that has a computer-optimized for gaming with reliable internet speed. To savor the benefits of online gaming and make your gaming adventure more interesting, consider inviting friends over to play with you. Playing together allows you and your friends to choose a game where you could create your own team or squad and experience the thrill of the games as a unit. Moreover, playing as a team can help you gain better knowledge and form new strategies with your playing style. Although, as previously mentioned, if you’re struggling with connectivity issues, it may be better to connect with your friends online in separate locations.


For gaming newbies, take note of the tips above to help boost your gaming experience with your newfound hobby. For seasoned players, it’s best to evaluate your specific needs first, then apply some of these tips and changes where required. As you figured out the best accessories and upgrades suitable for your playing style, you’ll surely have the best time playing online games and becoming the best online gamer you can be.   

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