6 Ways To Make Your Business Website More Interactive

Visitors will passively go through your website if it isn’t interactive and responsive. And they won’t stay there for long. On the other hand, when a website is more interactive, visitors stay longer on it and interact with its content.

If your website is suffering from this issue, you will appreciate what follows below. Here are some of the most popular and proven tips that will make your business website more interactive.

Use currency converter

Currency conversion might assist you in reaching out to more countries. This is especially useful if you sell things to numerous countries but don’t have separate product pages for each country’s currency on your website.

Therefore, it would be very useful to have currency conversion enabled by default. That way, your customers will get your products’ prices in their own currency automatically.

One way to enable this option is to use Javascript currency converter. With this tool, your website will automatically show prices for your products based on the country your customers are browsing from.

Stimulate social media buzz

You need to understand the importance of including social sharing buttons on all of your blog posts and product sites. This way, if someone visits your site and enjoys the experience, they can quickly share it on their social networks.

With a good WordPress plugin, you can effortlessly add social sharing icons to your website. A good plugin will not only show how many times your posts have been shared, but it will also feature sharing buttons to encourage additional participation.

It’s also important to interact with fans and followers on social media. Many businesses create accounts on every network and then do nothing. People appreciate it when brands communicate with them online because it demonstrates that they’re paying attention.

Quizzes and calculators

Just look at Buzzfeed’s roaring success if you still need to be convinced about the power of a visual interactive quiz. Their bread and butter are visual tests with photographs and illustrations, and the engagement inherent in these types of quizzes makes users feel as though the quiz’s results genuinely reveal something about them.

Even if it’s only telling them which Squid Game character they are.

Think again if you disregard this as inappropriate for your business. Maybe you should consider a quiz that helps users determine which of your items is the best fit for them.

Moreover, interactive calculators share a similar concept. Just look at the online calculators most banks have. These tools allow users to type in basic information so that they can get an estimation of installments, interest rates, and loan amounts.

If possible, you should offer this kind of thing to your audience too.

Relevant links

Your goal is to retain a visitor on your website after they’ve read one of your blog pieces. This can be accomplished by including relevant content in each of your posts and allowing users to simply browse to other items on your site.

When readers see a link to an article that promises more information on the same topic, they are more likely to click on the second link. The ideal place to do this is at the end of each article and within the post itself.

Post user-generated content

User-generated content shows that people’s time and effort are appreciated and cherished, which encourages them to interact with you even more. They’ll share more of your content, buy more of your items, and spread the word about you to their friends and colleagues.

User-generated content may be shown on your website in a variety of ways, including relevant articles based on blog comments and promoting social media postings and photographs of customers using your products.

Utilize homepage videos

By 2022, video is predicted to account for 82% of all internet traffic.

Obviously, when it comes to audience engagement, videos and motion graphics reign supreme. Any company that doesn’t have at least one video or motion graphic on its website is missing out on valuable opportunities to thrill, excite, and inform potential customers.

Videos on the homepage are frequently the best option for rapidly engaging people. While the fundamental interaction (hitting play) is straightforward, a high-quality movie can result in significant rewards.

You can also include clickable components in the video itself, such as quiz questions or options, to help viewers determine the plot.

Final words

This is the era where digital marketing dominates all other marketing forms. And your website is one important part of it. So, make sure to create a website that is as good as it can possibly be. Make it interactive and interesting and you’ll see results very soon.

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