5 Ways To Protect Your Smartphone From Hackers

It is unimaginable to think of a time when we are without our cell phones or say, without our Smartphones. They have become an inseparable part of our life.  “Daily-driver” is the term used in smartphone reviews for a machine that can deliver the daily needs and demands of an individual. Communication, banking, consuming media, shopping, studying, the smartphone has become the one-stop for all of these activities of our daily life. It is because of these reasons that there is a need for safeguarding these areas from the growing threat of cyber thefts and attacks.

Smartphones are like our virtual homes, and just like any physical home is at risk of robbery, so is our virtual home. Your virtual home contains a lot of your sensitive information and data; banking details, contacts, messages, pictures, e-mails, passwords, etc. There are parties in the cyber world that can benefit from stealing this information. They can steal your banking details and scam you and your bank, they can encrypt your files and demand ransom, hack into your cellphone and record your activities and use it for their profits. Therefore, it has become necessary for everyone to keep their virtual homes safe and secure. In the following paragraphs, there are mentioned five tips to keep your smartphone safe and secure from cyber threats.

1.Use Online Encryption for your Network 

Every time you browse through your searches, there are certain traces that you leave. These are often used by third parties that snoop around for such trails to gain access to your confidential information. This could be your passwords, bank details, or any other sensitive information. The trails could be accessed if your network connection is unencrypted. One of the simplest methods to avoid it is the use of a VPN. You can access the iPhone VPN setting which is a helpful tool to protect you from cyberfrauds. A VPN encrypts your information through a tunnel, protecting your privacy. 

2. Always have a lock on your phone

Take an instance that you have misplaced your phone, and not enabled the lock screen protection. In such a case, your phone with the data contained stands exposed. This data stands at the risk of exploitation. The unrestricted access to your pictures, texts, contacts, and other sensitive information could be easily misused for thefts and by other malicious organizations for cybercrimes. To safeguard yourself from such mishaps, enabling a password lock is an essential practice. By enabling the lock screen protection, you can also avoid any uncertain authorization from someone who accidentally gains access to your device. 

 3. Beware of downloading from untrusted sources

When you download any kind of software or files, you would’ve come across many options. The Internet has its dark corners; sites that are malicious and can harm your system. Any data downloaded from such sites can infect your system with viruses and malicious codes that can probe and steal your data, encrypt your documents, images and delete them permanently. To avoid this, always download your files from standard and well-trusted sources. This could be from pre-recommended sites that the system developer provides. By being on these sites you can be assured of well-secured malware-free applications from their ends. 

4.Don’t root your device

You may have come across the concept of getting your device rooted. However, it can have dire consequences. The customization and unlimited access benefits come with the added disadvantage of making their smartphones susceptible to harm. By rooting, you become vulnerable to cyber threats as it breaks the manufacturer’s safeguard assurance that manufacturers put in to ensure the device’s safety from any malware. Rooting also voids the warranty. This could be easily prevented by not following such practices that put your data at risk of exposure. By rooting, you may gain access to benefits but alongside come the financial, social losses in case of cybercrimes.

5.Avoid modded applications

Another temptation to which you can easily fall prey is the temptation to install modded applications. Modded apps are apps that are modified by a third party using the same coded framework of the original application to enable and disable certain aspects of the software. Most of the modded apps have premium access to certain paid software and services. However, alongside this, you could also end up installing a bug or virus in that coded framework. These apps could be used to snoop around and steal your data. To keep yourself from such threats, always install applications that are officially present on trusted sites. 

Final Verdict

The world of the internet is ever-growing and breaking the known limitations or barriers. The digital world is unfolding itself in new mediums and new areas. The surge in smartphones and the unimaginable potential of such a technology demands that it must be safeguarded from potential dangers of the cyberworld. The essential steps that one can take to begin in that direction are to follow the basics of virtual security that are to lock your phone, using antivirus, protecting your device from malicious websites, avoiding jailbreaking your device, and modded applications. This could ensure the complete safety of data and hence privacy. 

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