Website Widgets That Are Useful

I’ve created several websites over the past few years, some of which have been more successful than others. I have discovered a few widgets for website and other free items that can be easily added to a website to increase its value from those successes and failures. That list is here.

Gadget for Google Translation:

This is available on the Google Gadgets website. Ensure you get the official one to avoid having unmanageable AdSense ads at the bottom that aren’t making money for your website. This plug-in has obvious advantages. It allows you to instantly translate your entire website to virtually any language your visitors speak. Although it could be better, it should make doing business with you easier for those who speak Spanish or another language. When making a website for my school, I came across this device. We were able to get information out to a lot of parents who didn’t speak English, even translating the teacher newsletters.


Nowadays, Google AdSense is used by most websites, at least as long as they can make money. It’s allowed to pursue and genuinely simple to redo to your site. Then, you get paid a commission each time someone clicks on an advertisement that Google embeds on your website. You could be banned if they believe you are cheating, so be careful not to click yourself accidentally.

RSS feeds are the next useful addition to a website. This makes it possible to add new content to your website regularly and automatically. For example, when running an educational website, I wanted it to display new science information for kids to explore regularly. I discovered a PBS RSS feed that did exactly that. It was updated regularly with links to new science articles for the kids to work with. I didn’t have to do anything else to keep it running after setting it up.

Affiliates of Amazon:

Another benefit of creating an open door. You can use this system to customize specific advertisements or even pages for your website based on any Amazon product. When I was talking about a book, it was very helpful to provide my visitors with an easy way to buy it from Amazon. The cherry on top was that I received a portion of the sale. When using both Amazon Affiliates and AdSense, the most crucial thing to remember is to ensure that they add value to your website rather than obstruct it. Due to a new tax policy, Amazon Affiliates is no longer available in North Carolina.)

Please share:

This widget lets users share your content on popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. This widget is a great choice if you’re making a content website and want to spread your information to as many people as possible.


This widget is very useful because it lets your readers make a PDF of your content. This is a great way to distribute your articles in a format that does not require editing and is simple to view and print.

I hope you find these four tools as useful as I have. You can add some very nice functionality to your website for free and with little effort using these four gadgets, widgets, plug-ins, or whatever you want to call them. See my other articles for additional guidance on the open-source and free web software.