What Is Big Sur OS? [Upgrade Tips]

We are all used to getting constant upgrades thanks to our increased use of technology. With fans of Apple, it seems like upgrades and new versions are hitting the market daily, leaving many to keep up with the latest devices. Among the newest upgrades comes Big Sur, Mac’s new operating system. While the update caused a lot of uproar with tech fans, it didn’t come without issues. So, is it that cool, and should you upgrade? Here are some things to consider before pressing ‘download.’ 

Lots of Upgrades

We don’t want to start on a negative note and, we should say, this OS is not the worst thing to hit the digital market. The upgraded operating system from Mac comes with a ton of unique features, including an eye-catching display that Apple fans know and love. The layout is much more efficient, taking inspiration from iPad and iPhone setups, leaving the notification center hidden until needed. New and customizable widgets lie in the control center, which you can find in your device’s top right corner. Plus, maps and Safari came with massive upgrades and features like ‘A Look Around’ and more that sets this OS apart from the competition. 

Problems with Download 

The first thing that users complained about was the download, with many experiencing a halt that seemed to last forever. This freezing phenomenon was only the first of many problems when downloading the new operating system, including installation issues, error messages during download, and more. 

Apps Can’t Keep Up

Anytime there is a new and improved system, apps need an upgrade, too. The issue with Mac’s Big Sur is that it seemed to be rushed in delivery, leaving behind some of the upgrades and enhancements to apps. You will find that some apps are not compatible with this operating system yet, leaving many to work around the clock to upgrade their infrastructure so that users of the new software can enjoy their uninterrupted use. This is not the case with all apps but has affected enough of them to cause users to take a turn back. 


Many Users Have Downgraded

A downgrade is not usually a word that we are used to hearing in the world of computers and software. It’s usually all about going to the next level and waiting for the next big thing. However, many users have decided to downgrade from the new operating system, going back to Catalina. This is not something that will last forever, with Apple listening to what users have to say and considering their criticism to improve the existing products. Now is a time to work out issues so that users can download Big Sur with ease, enjoying the new and improved system. 

What Does This Mean for You and Your OS?  

All things considered, what does this mean for you? For starters, there is no need to upgrade unless you want to. The frequently reported battery drain on Big Sur, among other things, has caused many to turn back to Mac’s trusted Catalina OS. Second of all, if you decided to download the software and realized that it is not working for you, you have the option to downgrade instantly.

This is perhaps a lesson with software, both for users and for Apple, showing that there is usually no perfect system right off the bat. That’s why there are updates and upgrades, with companies introducing enhancements and re-releasing an all-new and better functioning system than ever before. Having that said, it may be a good idea to sit back and wait, going for the upgrade after it’s had some time to develop. 


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