What Is Routing Software?

Customer experience is becoming more essential than pricing or goods. Customers are most company owners’ top investment priority. Improving customer experience is vital for organizations whose services are judged based on distribution.

However, due to the inefficiency of your fleet, you lose time, money, and the satisfaction of your customers regardless of whether you are making local service calls or shipping goods across the country. Fortunately, routing software ensures that your employees take the most efficient route.

We’ve put together this guide to understand its purpose and advantages. Also, it includes how it works to help you decide which routing software is appropriate for your organization.

Defining “Routing Software”

The accuracy of software-assisted route planning is unsurprising when considering the number of variables and permutations that must be considered. In fact, with advanced algorithms, routing software aids companies in efficiently planning and scheduling multi-stop delivery routes.

Consequently, you will be able to consistently meet your clients’ expectations by delivering their orders on time. Customers become loyal and keep coming back to you when you always keep your promises for several months or years.

However, saving money is the crucial motivation for most businesses when they first implement delivery route planning software. Automated route planning can often save anywhere from 10 to 30 % of your entire fleet operating costs by reducing the time and distance needed to accomplish all deliveries.


How does it work? 

Many criteria affect which vehicles and drivers are allocated to specific routes and delivery times.

These include delivery destinations, driver and vehicle availability, and customer-requested delivery times. It also contains data from beyond your company, such as average driving speeds or road rules.

Specialized technology and a strong computer outperform humans in math. Software that organizes delivery routes enters delivery orders into the system.

Complex algorithms then develop routes that meet the customer’s demands while spending the least time and traversing the fewest kilometers. The program does in minutes what would take a transportation planner hours.

Is it beneficial to the company? 

Some of the benefits of routing software to a business are listed below.

Shorten travel distances and save money on fuel

Map-planning software is most known for reducing the number of kilometers a driver must go. It can reduce fuel expenditures significantly by using intelligent route planning software. A typical 10% to 25% savings can be realized using the Movetex planning software for transportation expenditures.


Decreases time for planning

There is potential for risk when route planning relies on the prior knowledge of some employees. Automate the calculations so that planners can focus on other tasks instead of wasting time on tedious math. Planned routes can be compared to actual driving data, or exceptions can be spotted. To get even better results, they can help tweak the settings in the software.


Enhances consumer satisfaction

It’s no surprise that the expectations and requirements of consumers are becoming ever more stringent. The planning software considers the needs of these consumers, which enables an even higher level of service. The order cutoff and the delivery time windows that can be established can be adjusted for more precision. So, you’re able to improve client happiness.


Boost driver’s satisfaction

Does one of your drivers have a longer or more demanding route than the rest? On occasion, this is a valuable strategy; on the other hand, it frequently leads to hostility. Using planning software, you can delegate the work and orders to the various drivers and select the approach that will prove to be the most productive.


Establish a feedback system to achieve ongoing improvement

Although many fleet managers create route plans, they never rigorously verify that their drivers adhere to such procedures. The routing software will help businesses to plan out their routes and allows them to see how to compare their actual trip and make adjustments as necessary.