There have been many rumors about the famous app for videos sharing TikTok shutting down. These rumors have spread like wildfire. Recall that in 2018, rumors about TitTok shutting down on October 26 also went viral.

The speculations about TitTok shutting down this year have started again. Just how true are the claims? This article provides information on this.

When is TikTok Shutting Down? 

TikTok was supposed to shut down on Sep 15, 2020. However, it seems that due to the elections and the pandemic, this issue has been put on hold. If you like to check on it you can check DownDetector.

Is the News of TikTok Shutting Down Fake?

There have been several speculations regarding the shutdown of many apps this year. From Minecraft to Roblox and Fortnite; now these speculations have started again, this time regarding TikTok. Some things we know about the rumor are:

Unlike the other rumors, the rumors of TikTok shutting down did not come from prank sites like React2424 that allow users to create and spread whatever news they choose.

More Than Speculation 

TikTok’s rumored to shut down came in the wake of bans from different countries such as India and Pakistan. But how true are these rumors regarding TikTok shutting down completely across the world?

We know for a fact that the rumors started after the US Navy confirmed that it had banned its personnel from using the app on government-issued phones.

The bulletin warned all military personnel to remove the app from their government-issued devices or face steep sanctions. This directive was due to concerns about Tiktok posing a major breach to cybersecurity. The sanctions included getting blocked from the military intranet. 

The rumors started right on the back of this announcement by the military. Speculations about the owners of Tiktok ByteDance selling the renowned app also sprung up.

Trump’s Declaration 

This rumor became a reality after US President announced that it could only prevent the proposed ban if Tiktok were sold to an American company. 

However, the owners of TikTok quashed the rumors by saying they had no plans to sell the app to anyone. Users remain worried, however, because the app has been banned in some countries. The general fear is that the video-sharing app might have to shut down for good, so the rumors continue to fly.

However, our position that the rumors of a shutdown of TikTok are fake because it makes no sense for the owners to shut down such a successful video sharing service. So until ByteDance comes out publicly to claim this rumor, we believe they are fake.

Is TikTok Shutting Down for Good?

Currently, there is a threatened ban on TikTok usage in the United States on the grounds of it being a suspected threat to cybersecurity, data security, and national security as a whole. The threat of a ban has fueled the speculations about TikTok shutting down for good. 

The app has been banned completely in India over claims that it compromises national security and order. India government say it compromises their sovereignty and integrity.

Pakistan has also shut down TikTok’s operations because it fails to filter out indecent and immoral content. In Indonesia and Bangladesh, the app has been temporarily banned because it displays inappropriate content.

With all these bans and restrictions on the use of Tiktok in certain countries, users’ fears appear to be valid. However, Bytedance has said that the app has come to stay and will not be shut down. Fox News

It certainly seems as though the app keeps getting called out by several countries. However, amidst all these, the app had more users signing up and sharing their videos to combat the boredom the lockdown brought about.

As many as 315 million users downloaded the app, making it the first app to experience such a high number of downloads in just one quarter.

Is TikTok shutting down in the United States?

Yes, TikTok maybe banned in America if the demands of President Trump and his administration are not met. This news has TikTok users on the edge as it could end the same way the Huawei case did.

The president said they would follow India’s footsteps and ban the popular social media video-sharing app. Following announcement

The president set terms to call off the ban, but it appears they won’t be met. One term is that the app be sold to an American company such as oracle. TikTok manufacturers find this condition too steep as to them; they pose no threat to national security. 

Claims & Lawsuit 

TikTok has come out openly to refute claims of sharing collected data with the Chinese. All data collated from users worldwide are stored in the US and backed up in Hawaii, not China as alleged by Trump. The unresolved disputes have led to TikTok lodging a formal suit against the United States. Keep reading to find out what top news outlets have to say in this matter.


What is the TikTok Shut down Date in the United States?

The shutdown date was set initially for September 20 this year but was shifted to the 27th of the same month. However, September 27 came and went without the said shutdown happening. The new date set by the Trump administration is November 10 unless the company is sold to a known American company. 

Is TikTok shutting down in Canada?

No. Currently, the Canadian government has said nothing about the intended shutdown of TikTok in the country. They are however investigations ongoing on the security of user data.

Is TikTok Shutting Down in the UK?

Earlier, concerns were raised about the UK, possibly banning the app following India’s ban on its usage. In July, the prime minister of the United Kingdom said it was considering the possible threats TikTok could pose to the UK’s security.  This is a serious matter since TikTok has over 5 million users in the United Kingdom

These threats result from fears of the Chinese government coerce the app into sharing it’s stored data. However, the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister has not made any statements regarding the ban.

When is TikTok Shutting Down in the UK?

As of this time, there is no fixed date set in the United Kingdom for TikTok shutdown.

The News Coverage

There has been quite a great deal of coverage of TikTok by news outlets across the world. The following have been summarized from newscoverage on the TikTok saga.

In 2018 of Indonesia’s ban on the app over its display of pornographic content. The ban was lifted after a week following the acceptance of the app to censor the contents displayed.

In Pakistan, the app makers have been issued a strong warning to remove immoral and inappropriate content from the app. Failure to meet with this directive will lead to the app being blocked from the Pakistani public. 

India also banned the app this summer, citing a threat to their sovereignty and order in the state. The ban caused TikTok to lose an estimated 6 billion dollars. The European Union, while they haven’t banned the app, has put in place motions for a thorough investigation of the data sharing of the app. 

Latest coverage on TikTok centers around its ban by president trump. Some news agencies featured the story. A few of them and their coverage are outlined below.

Fox News Coverage on TikTok Shutting Down

President Trump has made plans to shut down the video-sharing app TikTok over alleged national security threats. TikTok, as stated earlier, is a famous video-sharing app that allows users to share short videos, became even more popular during the lockdown. However, there are fears that the app will be forced to shut down because of the leveled allegations. Summary of Fox News Coverage on the matter include

The ban results from long-standing concerns that the Chinese government could access user data gathered by the app from American users. In response to the possible information security breach, the United States president signed an executive order banning the app’s use in the United States.

Even if this ban can be implemented legally, it would strain the right to freedom of speech online and raise a bigger issue of unchecked surveillance by the government. Tiktok maker Bytedance has said that they would fight the proposed ban. 

However, the ban will take effect from November 12 if the US government’s demands are not met. The ban now only prevents US users from updating the app, but from November 12, the app may be shut down.

The CNN Coverage 

Donald Trump, the United States president and his administration have been opposing TikTok for months now because of its connections to China. The software developed by a Chinese developer Zhang Yimming has been a hot sensation since it was released to the international community in 2017. 

The Trump administration claims the app poses a huge risk to national security due to the apps ties with the Chinese government. Fears are that Americans’ user data stored on the app might end up in the Chinese government’s hands.

The attacks on TikTok culminated in Trump issuing an executive order that would ban the use of TikTok in the US. This executive order was issued in August this year. Later on, President Trump said the ban would be lifted if Bytedance would hand over the app to an American company.

TikTok, in its defense, refuted the allegations that the app posed a cybersecurity threat and said that the user data on Americans is stored stateside and backed up in Singapore. Following the threats, TikTok fought back by suing the Trump administration to court, citing complex legal issues and due process violations by the president and his administration.

The ban was supposed to take effect initially from September 20 but was shifted to September 27. The ban date was shifted due to Trump’s tentative acceptance of the agreement with Oracle and Walmart. Well, it is October 10, the ban has still not been implemented. 

The delay in the implementation of the ban is due to the court ruling in the case. In response to the suit, Judge Carl Nichols temporarily blocked the ban, stating that Washington could not completely block the app. 

BBC News’ Coverage 

President Trump announced his plans to shut down all US transactions with the TikTok app created by the Chinese firm Bytedance in August. This directive was issued based on the government’s fears that the app presented a threat to national security. The proposed ban was to take effect from November 12 this year. In summary:

The claims to national security infringement were raised for fear of American users’ data winding up in the Chinese government’s hands. 

Bytedance, the app makers, has denied claims that Beijing can compel it to provide them with user data, as it is stored out of China’s jurisdiction in the US and backed up in Singapore. This comeback by Bytedance failed to have any effect on the stand taken by the US government.

The makers of TikTok, in response to the allegations, filed a lawsuit against the US government.

The Judge, who presided over the case, prevented the Trump administration from forcing TikTok to withdraw from major stores. However, Trump stated that he would call off the proposed ban if the app was sold to an American company, say Walmart or Oracle.

Partnership with Walmart and database specialist Oracle would birth a new TikTok Global company, with headquarters in the United States. However, China may block the deal from happening by restricting Bytedance from selling some of its technologies to foreign companies. 

The presiding Judge over the lawsuit Carl Nichols temporarily restricted the ban from going forward. He stated that there was no sufficient evidence proving that China presented a national security threat. However, it is even less clear if TikTok itself posed such a risk. 


There have been rumors over the past years about the shutdown of TikTok. The rumors have started flying around again, this time about a complete shutdown of TikTok. These rumors started as a result of restrictions placed on the app in certain countries. We believe that these are just rumors with no truth in them.