Where Can You Get Help with Essay Writing? [Tech Can Help]

Essay writing requires a lot of time that we are not always guaranteed to have. It also requires much effort on the research part. You need to go to the library, find books on the topic concerned and sometimes the books are not there or lack the needed topic.

Doing all these can be very frustrating since you will have to look for the needed information on online platforms that are also a hassle to navigate. The entire process of writing an essay, from the research to typing the work and citing sources, can be extremely difficult. Balancing this on a busy schedule can take a toll on you. Because of such times, people decide to seek out professional help with doing their essays.

Several avenues offer help with writing essays and projects. However, not all of them offer quality writing services. When you pay for essay, you want to get your money’s worth. It is, therefore, pointless to pay for poor work. Here are some platforms and writers that offer good quality and affordable essay writing services.

Online essay writing companies

Several reputed online platforms offer writing services to their clients. A truly genuine essay writing service should have a team of professional writers who deliver good quality work within a short time. They provide essay writing services to their clients at an affordable price. All the client has to do is send all the necessary information on the essay they want to be done. 

The client is given the freedom to choose from writers provided on the platform based on their reviews and work samples. A deposit is also required before work is started. Most of these platforms have a money-back guarantee if the work is not delivered or done poorly. You don’t have to worry about paying for poorly done work.


You can find many people who offer different freelance services online. Many of them have their blogs and online pages promoting this service. There are several freelancers online who take on writing gigs and are well experienced too. They normally post samples of their work on their blogs or pages so you can check them and see whose work impresses you more and go with them. You can always ask for work samples beforehand if they are not provided. 

If you need the best essay writing services, reach out to them and ask for their services. Using a freelancer is advantageous because they do not have fixed prices, and you can negotiate with them on the amount you are going to pay them. Most times, their services are cheaper because they work independently, meaning they don’t necessarily have to pay commission to a certain company or middleman.

Fellow students in school

Students are always finding new ways to make money, and writing essays for other learners in school is a great way to earn some cash. They do quality work because it’s a business, which means they are always looking for customers to help them grow their service. Good quality work guarantees recommendations and the return of the customer. 

If you are skeptical about whether they provide  essay writing services that you can trust, you can always request samples of previously done work for confirmation. Students are very affordable when it comes to essay writing because, again, there are not splitting pay with anyone and use minimal resources.

It is also much easier to follow up on a fellow student because you are within the same area, not different continents. When you require essay writing services, you don’t have to look far. The help you need could be sharing the same class as you. This ways, you also help someone who needs money as they don’t have good enough resources.

Social media platforms

There is nothing you cannot get on social media. All you need to do is look. You can find writing experts that do high-quality essay writing services promoting their work on social platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn. This can save you a lot of time as it is a more direct way of getting help with your essays. You can look through different pages and choose the most affordable expert according to your budget. You can communicate with the person offering the services and negotiate the amount to pay for the essays. 

You can also agree on the mode of payment both of you are comfortable with. If you are in doubt over the work quality, ask for samples of work done. Once satisfied with the quality of their work, you can send them detailed instructions on the essay to be done. When you need help with your essay, all you need to do is just log in to your social media account.

Local-based essay writers

If you are within a school setting, you are bound to come across banners or posters of people offering essay, thesis, and research project writing services with how to contact them included in these posters. Local essay writers are usually around the school offering other services like printing, binding, and similar services. They have more experience than students and will deliver great quality work. 

Since they are closer and have a physical location where they do this work, you can visit and check on the progress of your essay. Before giving them your money, you can ask around and find out if they provide essay writing services. Local essay writers are very affordable, and any student can get their services. All you need to do is give detailed instructions on how you need the work done.


All the above are the many places you can get help with writing your essays. They are all effective, affordable, and deliver good quality work. It is also very simple to access these services as you only require a smartphone. Life can get overwhelming, so do not hesitate to seek assistance if it is needed. When you need help with writing your essay, do not hesitate to use any of the above means to get it done.

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