Which Auto Dialer Is Best For You?

Communication is indispensable in every relationship. When maintaining and improving personal connections, individuals from both parties must ensure clear and consistent communication. Their communication methods will be crucial factors in differentiating a good relationship from a bad one. 

Communication: A Vital Tool In Business

Businesses also require communication to achieve growth and success. However, because communication in businesses is different from personal communication, it’s crucial to find a system to reach out to your customers more efficiently, with lower costs and increased reliability. 

Thanks to technological advancements today, businesses can initiate a more structured approach to keeping in touch with customers through generating calls. Instead of letting your employees manually dial calls with uncertain pick-up rates, your company can invest in calling solutions like an auto dialer.

In this article, you’re going to explore what auto dialers are all about, including how they work, their different types, their primary features and integrations, the benefits of using them, industries that benefit the most from using them, and a few helpful tips to make the most out of your auto dialers.

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How Auto Dialers Work 

Auto dialers, short for automatic dialers, is an outbound calling solution primarily marketed for businesses and organizations. Auto dialers belong to computer-telephony integration (CTI), a technology that incorporates both computers and telephones to enable interaction. 

With the help of auto dialers, businesses can dial a long customer list at a time, as programmed by the system so that your employees won’t have to. Companies offer auto dialing solutions, typically in the form of software, and clients should assemble their own auto dialing setup with these components:

  • Auto dialing software
  • Active telephone line
  • Voice modem
  • Computer in a desktop model

If your business requires multiple operation setups, each of your employees should have their own computer and telephone connected to the main phone line to allow call monitoring. Although the setup itself is heavily automated, it could use more help from human operators for genuine communication for customers.

Your auto dialing system won’t work without its heart—the auto dialing software. If you’re planning to integrate auto dialers into your business, make sure to choose the best software solutions for your business’s unique needs and preferences from auto dialing service providers like Call Cowboy

Types Of Auto Dialers

Auto dialing systems can help business organizations meet their sales targets. However, not all auto dialers work the same way. There are three different auto dialer types that companies can use for various reasons:

1.Power Dialers

This type of auto dialer uses a one-to-one calling ratio for each agent. It means that the system calls only one number at a time. Your agents can spend additional time strategizing before each call, being limited to one contact at a time. Most power dialers enable users to preview information about the lead, then click to call. Once the call is completed, the agent previews and dials the next number. 

Some power dialing systems give users the option to increase the dial rate. Power dialers are also capable of skipping unanswered calls. Those who utilize a consultative sales approach will find power dialing software a handy tool for their campaigns. Users of a power dialing system can make approximately 70 calls per hour.

2.Predictive Dialers

Another type of auto dialer that businesses use is a predictive dialer. It calls multiple numbers at a time. However, it only routs to an agent after making a live contact. Predictive dialers have a much higher call ratio for each agent, unlike power dialers. Predictive dialing systems decrease or increase the number of simultaneous calls for each agent automatically based on the dropped call percentage the user wants to maintain. The dialer also uses tools like predictive algorithms to learn from the user’s previous calls.

It’s essential to note that this type of dialer requires many agents working a good number of leads to reach its full potential. That’s why the system is commonly used by high- volume industries like telemarketers, political campaigns, debt collectors, and call centers.

3.Progressive Dialers

 This type of auto dialer is considered a power dialer on steroids. When an auto dialing system is in progressive dial mode, the system runs through the lead lists across several campaigns at the velocity of the user’s operations. 

Progressive dialers place the calls only after the user has indicated that it’s available to handle the next one. They automatically pace dialing based on abandonment rates and recent connection and only dials when the user becomes available. 

A progressive auto dialer can route campaigns and calls to available agents based on geography, licensing, skill level, and other preset rules. You can customize it to match the specific needs of your company. It can work for industries that require a steady flow of outbound and inbound call activity. Agents and sales teams that want to take advantage of dynamic scripting can also benefit from progressive dialers.

Many companies prefer progressive auto-dialing software over the predictive one to achieve a better consumer experience.

Auto Dialer Features and Integrations

1.Send Non-Intrusive Ringless Voicemails 

Telemarketing leaves a wrong impression on consumers because some companies take too much advantage of it. Telemarketing calls are highly intrusive if businesses don’t know how to manage them. Instead of enticing potential customers to your business, you might be annoying them. 

Therefore, find telemarketing services centered on non-intrusive text and audio messages, like Straight to Voicemail. Instead of ringing your contact while they’re doing something important, your telemarketing messages will be delivered straight to the receiver’s inbox and will appear as a missed call. 

2.Mass Texting

Many auto dialing solutions also have a feature known as mass texting to maximize your outbound dialing practice. As the name implies, mass texting accommodates the transfer of hundreds to thousands of telemarketing messages in one click. 

Moreover, you can categorize your contact list into delivery groups. When sending the same message to one group of people, you can also customize the messages, such as mentioning the contact’s name on the text for the additional appeal and authenticity of your message. 

3.CRM Integration For Customer Management 

Auto dialers are programmed to call leads that have the highest potential to be converted. To find and maintain the best mix of customers, you can incorporate a customer relationship management (CRM) system into your auto dialer. 

In this way, you can manage leads, messages, calls, and emails seamlessly. As each customer has different needs, understanding these using the CRM system helps provide a better client experience. Also, a CRM system assists you in developing excellent connections with new and returning customers. 

Some auto dialing software may have built-in CRM features, while others may require a third-party CRM software integration. 

Benefits Of Using Auto Dialers For Business

What makes auto dialers useful and reliable in businesses? To delve deeper into the wonders of the auto dialer, here are its top benefits: 

1.Enhance Operational Efficiency

Auto dialers are powered with efficient algorithms that instantly list down the next numbers to dial while your agent is still on call. Hence, this improves your operational speed and efficiency instead of manually assigning employees to pick, input, and dial contacts. 

As businesses vary greatly, your auto dialer will measure the average time your agents complete a call and estimate the right time when it should begin dialing the succeeding numbers to initiate a call, as with progressive dialers. 

2.Reduce Agent’s Idle Time 

Unlike humans, your auto dialing software is programmed to work continuously unless instructed to stop. Before your agent hangs up, the auto dialer is already reaching the next customer on the list, reducing the time for your agent to stay inactive. 

Also, auto dialers help in redirecting calls to the right departments. Thanks to auto dialers, your employees won’t have to deal with the wrong concerns and questions during the call, which are a huge waste of time. 

3.Wide Variety of Auto Dialing Options 

As mentioned, auto dialers come in different forms. There are three main outbound calling solutions: you have the power dialer, predictive dialer, and progressive dialer. While these dialers automatically dial a specific list of customer numbers, they can be composed of various features and capabilities.

Industries Where Auto Dialers Are Of Utmost Importance


Companies that extensively use telemarketing to sell products or services can significantly benefit from auto dialers. As users can upload customer databases on an auto-dialing system, telemarketers can see the client name, job role, and other important information. These provide context that agents can use to be ready for a personalized conversation and drive more conversions.

Agent performance also improves because of auto dialer system features such as call queue management and intelligent call routing. With improved performance, agents can handle more calls and convert more prospects positively.


This industry thrives with more people making vacation plans. Travel agencies need to connect with their customers to get more people to plan their foreign trips and holidays with them. They have to be able to speak with clients as quickly as possible before competitors do. Auto dialers are specially designed for such a purpose.

An auto dialer starts connecting your agents with real people immediately after uploading your business’ list of potential customers. One of the best things about auto dialers is that the cloud-based systems support integration with other business applications such as sales enablement tools and CRMs. During the lead nurturing process, these integrations can keep your team always on the same page.

In the travel industry, retaining existing customers is equally essential as connecting with new prospects. As users can integrate auto-dialing software with a CRM, it’s possible to automate calls with existing customers who may have plans to travel again.

3.Insurance Companies

Reaching out to maximum clients in less time is a general rule of thumb for the success of insurance agencies. This is where auto dialer steps in. Furthermore, you can be sure that agents connect with real persons on the other side all the time because auto dialers can detect busy tones and answering machines.


Banks deal with thousands, if not millions, of contacts for different purposes. They connect with investors, talk to people looking for loans, and send EMI payment reminders, among other operations. An auto dialer is a boon for banking institutions that deal with large databases of customers that are segmented on various types like people who applied for loans, debtors, and more.

Many hosted auto dialers now use cloud technology, which means they can handle large customer databases seamlessly. Of course, they’re also still able to connect bank personnel to customers as fast as possible.

5.Debt Collection

Debt collection companies have multiple tasks: from connecting to new people looking for loans to sending payment reminders to debtors. Connecting with these people require speed and accuracy to be as efficient as possible. Auto-dialing systems can do it tirelessly while still keeping agents productive.

With an auto dialer, debt collectors can quickly connect with debtors and have useful information about the customers, such as the amount of debt to be paid and the due date. It will enable debt collection agents to remind debtors to clear their payments rapidly.


In the past, political parties relied on rallies for connecting with potential voters. However, those days are gone with the emergence of technology and social media. Everyone now utilizes both to grow their influence and reach even the most remote locations of their countries.

Auto dialing systems are specifically helping political parties or politicians in connecting with people during polls and surveys. Data collection is essential for political parties, especially in devising their electoral campaign or adjusting current strategies.

Using an auto dialer, political parties can also raise funds for campaigns and perform other crucial tasks such as enlisting volunteers. The software even improves volunteers’ efficiency.


Outbound telemarketing solutions can leverage your business toward development. Regardless if your VoIP system is within physical reach or if you have agents working remotely, your telemarketing success will depend on using the right calling solution. By considering auto dialers, your business can generate more calls efficiently and effectively, yielding higher conversion rates and larger profit. 

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