Why Animated Video Are Best for Digital Marketing

There are various strategies deployed when it comes to digital marketing. Animated videos have proved an eye-catcher, and the evidence is in the statistics. More than 90% of marketers are already proposing animated videos due to their growing importance. 

Statistics also show that about 50% of the customers who watch animation online engage with the respective brand in the end. There is more to show based on the analysis, but one thing is clear – animated videos are making a mark in digital marketing. 

Here, we will shed light on why animated videos should be on your digital marketing list. In the end, you will also learn how to make animated videos with Doratoon, a platform that is making waves in the industry due to the approach. 

Why Should You Consider Animated Video in Digital Marketing 

The introduction has touched on the statistics, but there is more. The reasons to involve animation and a respective video maker in the marketing department include the following: 

A Boost in Conversion Rate 

When customers visit your website and see a video, they will spend more time on the website than checking what else is on the search engine results. About 60% of the viewers may complete the needed action on the webpage. That could be completing a purchase, making a comment, or completing a contact form. 

Animations are fun to watch, and if you use them to explain the product or service benefits, the visitors will watch it to the end. Content may not engage the customers the same way unless it’s fun to read. 

Users learn more by watching the videos, and when you add a call-to-action, it will trigger the prospects to convert. 

You Create Memories 

When a customer watches something new, entertaining, and informative, there is a high chance of remembering that in the future. That presents businesses with a stage of furthering their values, impressions, and intentions. 

Customers will later associate that with the cartoon video you created, giving a better understanding of your business enterprise. A good example is making animated videos celebrating Christmas and enticing customers with special offers. 

People are more likely to remember that, especially when the season kicks in since your brand is now associated with the Christmas spirit.

Animated Videos Are Easy to Understand 

If you have engaging content, that may not be enough to explain a concept that is hard to understand. You may have it well written and include pictures, but if there is a video in the midst, that will help the readers understand better. 

These days it’s a norm to include animated videos in the content. The exciting part is that people will watch the video and skip the rest of the content. Why? Because videos are much easier to understand than engaging technical content. 

If you want to explain a complex idea, it’s advisable to include an animated video in your content. You can also share the video on different social platforms for better reach. When your video has a short story about approaching your service or product, people will get it since they will associate the message with the characters in the video. 

Making Animated Videos with Doratoon 

The above reasons have already motivated you to search for tools in the animation department. If you are on a budget and would like to make it quick, Doratoon presents a way out. 

It’s a cartoon video maker that requires no download. That’s good news if you would like to work on your animation on different devices. It’s web-based, and all you need is to create an account to get started. 

Once you are on the platform, numerous templates in different categories guide you. The best part is that there are animated characters for you to get started. So, you will not be drawing anything yourself unless you want to on a whiteboard. 

The workbench link on the top navigation is where you click after creating an account. Once the video is complete, you can download and share it manually. Doratoon has ways to share the video on social platforms and YouTube channels. 

You can fully customize a video to suit the business preferences. Some of the key features on the platform include the following: 

  • Images Insertion: You can add images to your video by uploading them on Doratoon. So, if you want to have realistic visuals in the characters’ environment, that’s the way to do it. 

Animated characters: As we said before, you don’t need to draw anything on Doratoon. That makes it easy and exciting to use since you will just be dragging and dropping. 

  • Background music and sound: Doratoon has samples for this too. So, if you don’t have a company theme song and the best sounds, you can check out what Doratoon has. You can just upload them to the website if you already have them. 
  • AI dubbing: The platform can also assist you in converting text input into audio. This is great for those who don’t have specific sounds for the videos. All you need is to enter the text and use one of the sound options provided on Doratoon. 
  • Subtitling: Would you like to add smart subtitles to the animated video? That is possible on Doratoon. There are beautiful fonts to use, and you can place them anywhere on the video for a better view. 
  • PPT to Video Conversion: If you have a PowerPoint presentation, you can also convert it into video and add all the required effects. Doratoon gives you an option to import the whole PPT or a few pages from it. 

Now, whether you want to make an informative video or something to lure the customers, Doratoon will help you create and share. All you need is a device with an updated browser and internet connection.

How to Make Animated Videos with Doratoon 

Step 1: Once you have your plan ready, visit the Doratoon website and create an account. Next, use the Workbench link on the top navigation to get started. Use the ‘Create a new video’ link to choose a canvas. 

Step 2: Set up the scene as per your preference and declare the video’s length. There is also a toolbox on the left to help you add the characters you need. If you are stuck, please make use of the templates available.

Step 3: Add the video’s words, music, and sound effects. You can use what Doratoon has or convert text input into audio. If you have something special for the video, you can upload it on the website. 

Step 4: Once you finish working on the video, share it on social platforms and YouTube. There are links for that on Doratoon. You can also download and send it manually. It’s all based on preference here. 


You need to learn how to create animated videos to win more customers. It’s now becoming essential in digital marketing, and there are numerous benefits for your business once you make one. 

Doratoon presents a better way to create the video since it’s an online platform. That’s why you need to check it out if you want to make an animated video quickly and share it with your target audience.

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