Why are TikTok Profile Pictures Gone? (Get Them Back!)

After noticing that the profile pictures were gone while I was scrolling through TikTok, I quickly discovered that this was the newest common glitch with TikTok. I also found out that it happens more when using the app than when using a browser. 

Profile pictures allow me to easily confirm whose video I’m watching and know if it was posted by a friend or one of my favorite TikTok creators. I was disappointed, and my most pressing question was, “Why are all of the TikTok profile pictures gone?”

If you notice that TikTok profile pictures are gone, it is because TikTok’s servers are down, your internet connection is poor, or there is a glitch in TikTok’s app data. Alternatively, if it is only your profile photo, it is because you need to restart the app, your internet connection is poor, or the picture is currently under review. 

Worst case scenario, you’ll have to wait until the servers come back up. Luckily, the steps below are proven to make TikTok profile pictures appear. 

What Happened to TikTok Profile Pictures? (Troubleshooting)

There are several reasons the profile pictures on TikTok could suddenly be gone. In most cases, this is a minor glitch that can be cleared quickly using the steps I’ll provide below. 

In other cases, there could be a problem with TikTok’s servers or another problem on their end. If so, you’ll have to wait until they fix it. 

Before you begin the troubleshooting steps, ensuring that your TikTok app and the software on your device are up to date will be helpful. It could even be the fix to your problem. 

1. Check TikTok’s Servers. 

In most cases, when TikTok’s servers go down, the app will not function at all for those affected by the outage. However, there are times when TikTik will appear to be up because of previously preloaded content. 

If this is the case, you will be able to use the app, but you’ll likely experience issues like not seeing profile photos. 

You can see if TikTok’s servers are down by checking them via DownDetector. DownDetector will let you know if the servers are currently down and how many outages have been reported for TikTok in the past 24 hours. Additionally, you can search #TikTokDown on Twitter to see if other users have noticed an outage. 

2. Restart TikTok

If profile pictures have disappeared on TikTok, it could just be a minor glitch. Restarting the app is likely to clear any simple glitches. 

To restart the app, you’ll need to close the app entirely rather than just go back to your home screen. To do this, open the Recent Apps menu on your device and close TikTok. 

When the app is completely closed, everything is refreshed when you reopen the app. So, after you’ve closed it, you can reopen it and see if the profile pictures are back. 

The problem could be related to your internet connection if they still aren’t there. 

3. Check Your Network Connection

A faulty network can cause strange glitches like profile pictures disappearing. Apps like TikTok require a strong and stable internet connection to work correctly. 

You can check your network connection by trying other apps to see if you have issues with them as well. You can also check the indicator lights or your router or perform a speed test to see if your internet speeds are lower than they should be. 

If your connection is the problem, it’s almost always a small issue with the router that can easily be fixed by rebooting. 

To reboot your router:

  1. Unplug your router from the outlet. If you also have a modem, you must unplug the router before unplugging the modem. Avoid unplugging the power cord from the router to prevent damage. 
  2. Leave it disconnected from power for at least 60 seconds. 
  3. Plug the power cord back into the outlet. If you have a modem, be sure to plug the modem back in first and allow it to completely reconnect to the network before plugging the router back in. 
  4. Wait 1-2 minutes for the router to fully reconnect to the network before retesting your connection. 

4. Turn Off VPN

TikTok has recently blocked the use of the platform for users with a VPN enabled in an effort to keep users from countries that have banned TikTok from accessing the platform. So, if you’re still able to use it while your VPN is enabled, you’ll likely experience many odd glitches. 

To stop these glitches and be able to see profile pictures again, you must disable the VPN on your device. 

To disable your VPN on an Android device:

  1. Open the settings on your device
  2. Tap Network
  3. Tap Advanced Network Settings
  4. Tap VPN
  5. Locate the enabled VPN and disable it. 

To disable your VPN on an iOS device:

  1. Go to your settings
  2. Tap General
  3. Scroll down and tap VPN and Device Management
  4. Change the VPN’s status to Not Connected

Once you have disabled the VPN, close the app from the Recent Apps menu and reopen it. 

5. Use A Different Profile Picture

If you’re only unable to see your profile picture, the picture you used may go against TikTok’s guidelines. TikTok has strict policies against things like nudity, weapons, etc. So, if they detected something of this nature in your photo, it likely won’t show up because they removed it, or it is under review. 

In addition, if the size or format of the photo is not aligned with recommended sizes and formats, it may not show correctly or not show up at all. 

To avoid future problems when uploading a profile picture, ensure that the chosen photo complies with the Community Guidelines and that the image is a standard size and format. 

6. Clear Cache 

If you’ve made it this far and still can’t see profile pictures on TikTok, the issue could be related to TikTok’s cache data. The cache is where TikTok temporarily stores information to use for quicker operation. 

Unfortunately, this data often creates more issues than convenience. This is because the data stored can sometimes contain bugs. To remove these bugs, you must clear the cache. 

You’ll want to clear the cache from the app and the settings on your device for the best results. 

To clear the cache through the settings in the TikTok app:

  1. Open the TikTik app.
  2. Tap the Profile tab in the bottom right corner of the screen. This is sometimes called the “Me” tab. 
  3. Tap the menu tab in the upper right corner of the screen. This will be either three horizontal lines or three small dots. 
  4. Tap Settings and Privacy.
  5. Tap Clear Cache and make sure the number next to this option changes to zero. 

Once you’ve completed these steps, move on to clearing the cache from your device settings. 

If you are using an iOS device,go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage > TikTok > Offload App > Reinstall App.

If you are using an Android device, go to Settings > Apps > TikTok > Storage > Clear Cache. 

7. Reinstall TikTok. 

The next thing you should try is reinstalling the TikTok app. If any corrupt data was missed when you cleared the cache, reinstalling the app is the best way to ensure it’s gone.

How to reinstall TikTok:

  1. Locate the app in the app menu. 
  2. Hold your finger on top of the app’s icon until the popup appears.
  3. Select Delete/Uninstall.
  4. Go to the App Store or Google Play Store.
  5. Search for TikTok and select it from the results.
  6. Tap Install/Get.

This process will allow you to access TikTok with a fresh start, and you’ll likely be able to see profile pictures again. 

8. Ask TikTok for Assistance. 

If none of the steps above have made the profile pictures on TikTok show back up, consider reaching out to TikTok for further assistance. They may be able to provide more advanced troubleshooting or let you know if this is something they’re working to fix. 

To contact TikTok:

  1. Open the app.
  2. Go to your profile tab.
  3. Tap the menu tab in the top right corner of your screen.
  4. Tap Settings and Privacy.
  5. Tap Report a Problem
  6. Write a detailed message and include your username and an email TikTok’s support team can use to follow up. 

A more straightforward way to contact TikTok is by sending an email to info@tiktok.com that explains the issue. 

Can’t Figure Out Why Your Profile Picture is not Changing or Showing on TikTok? 

If your profile picture on TikTok is not changing, you should start by making sure your internet is working correctly. Additionally, you should ensure that you’re following the proper steps to do so.

The correct way to change your profile picture on TikTok is to go to the profile and tap Edit Profile > Change Photo/Video > Take/Upload Photo > Save. 

If you are connected to the internet and following the proper steps and it still won’t change or isn’t showing up, you should restart the app.

To do this, you must close the app from the Recent Apps menu and then open the app again. This will refresh the app, and your new profile photo will likely show up after it refreshes. 

Another common reason TikTok profile pictures may not show up right after they’re changed is if they’re placed under review. This can happen if TikTok detects something that could go against its Community Guidelines. For example, if your photo reveals excessive skin, it may be reviewed for nudity. 

Photos may also be reviewed if they appear to contain weapons, violence, or discrimination. To avoid this happening, be familiar with TikTok’s guidelines and follow them closely. 


TikTok profile pictures not showing up is a common glitch many users have recently experienced. Given the number of users who have experienced this, it is most likely a bug in the current version of TikTok. TikTok is usually quick to provide updates to fix glitches like this one. 

With any luck, there will be a new update soon that will return profile pictures to normal. Until then, the steps I’ve walked you through in this article are the most likely solutions to fixing the issues.