Why Do CSGO Players Tilt Their Keyboard?

Ever wonder, ‘Why do CSGO players tilt their keyboard?’ CSGO is one of the most popular FPS (First Person Shooter) games of all time. This is because It follows a simple concept. On one side, you have the terrorists that try to detonate a bomb while on the other side, the counter-terrorists try to stop that from happening.

The reason why CSGO players tilt their keyboards is for ergonomics. The positioning of the keys can induce stress in the hand after prolonged periods of gaming. So, tilting the keyboard helps prevent repetition injuries from occurring while gaming.

Anyone who plays CSGO know how competitive it can get. So, CSGO players are constantly searching for ways to gain an edge on the competition. You may have noticed that some CSGO players tilt their keyboards because of this.

Why Do CSGO Players Tilt Their Keyboard?

You may be wondering, ‘If CSGO players do this, then is it better to tilt your keyboard? You don’t have to tilt your keyboard to play games like CSGO at a high level. But there are some benefits to doing so. The most important is that when you tilt your keyboard, you reduce the amount of distance your hands must travel. 

This matters when playing a game that requires you to regularly press many buttons. For example, tilting your keyboard makes it easier to press the “ctrl” key. This is used often in games like CSGO.

So tilting your keyboard could enable you to press the keys that you need to press quicker. That can increase your response time and increase your performance in games like CSGO.

You’ll also stress your hand muscles less if you tilt your keyboard. Over the long-term, this can add up to keep your hands feeling better for longer than they otherwise would while gaming.

Is It Bad To Tilt Your Keyboard?

No, there’s nothing wrong with tilting your keyboard for gaming. In fact, there’s some evidence to suggest that doing it is actually better for gamers. Tilting your keyboard could allow you to press the buttons you need to press without putting your hand under as much stress.

But there’s also nothing wrong with leaving your keyboard un-tilted. It really just comes down to a matter of personal preference and how you feel you game best.

Why Do CSGO Players Wear 2 Headsets?

If you’ve watched CSGO live events, you might have noticed pros wearing a set of earbuds underneath their headphones. The reason for this has to do with optimizing the way that they hear the game, their teammates’ communications, and the things around them.

In-ear headphones are usually used to listen to game sound, while over-the-head headphones are used for communications with teammates. Pros also tend to wear over-the-head headphones because they help to reduce the amount of noise that they hear. It can reduce the impact of crowd noise and noise from the announces.

How Should You Hold Your Keyboard For Gaming?

So, Why do CSGO players tilt their keyboard? You don’t need to tilt your keyboard for gaming if that’s not comfortable for you. Some pros do it. But many only started because they had a small desk that forced them to do so. Then, these pros got comfortable with having a tilted keyboard and just kept theirs like that even when they no longer had to.

But it is a good idea to take some measures to set up your keyboard’s ergonomics for gaming. You should place the keyboard on a level surface. It should be about 2 to 3 inches above your knees. The center of the keyboard should line up with your bellybutton. And the buttons should be easy for you to press.

If you set your keyboard up like this, you’ll be able to reach everything that you need to reach while playing. It’s an easy way to ensure that your performance doesn’t suffer because of poorly placed keys.

Is ESDF Better Than WASD?

WASD has long been the dominant set of keys for controlling movement while gaming. But you may have heard of some gamers switching to ESDF. There are some benefits to doing this that are worth considering.

First, there’s a little nub on the F key that makes it easy to find your place. This can be useful for games that require switching back and forth between movement and other buttons often. Additionally, ESDF gives your fingers and hand a bit more space to operate. Some call it more comfortable than WASD for that reason.

The biggest drawback to switching is that you have to get used to ESDF if you’ve been playing with WASD. That can be annoying and take a few weeks to get comfortable with.

But the benefits of making this swap aren’t so great that you need to do it to optimize your performance. It’s simply a change that could make your gaming sessions a bit more comfortable and perhaps increase your performance by a very slight amount.

Should Keyboard Be Flat Or Raised?

You don’t want your keyboard to be raised while you game. Doing so isn’t necessarily going to hurt your performance. But it could hurt your wrists.

Raised keyboards require you to bend your wrists upwards throughout the duration of the time you play. That may not feel like much initially. But over time the stress can add up to create a wrist injury.

Your goal should be to find a keyboard position that requires as little wrist bending as possible. If you notice that your wrists are hurting after you play for a while, you may need to adjust something.

What Is The Best Position For Gaming?

The best gaming position is the most natural one. You should try to rest your feet flat on the floor. If you can’t do that because your chair is too high, consider buying a footrest or using a box.

You should also have your knees bent at a 90-degree angle. Your hips should track above your knees. And your feet should be shoulder-width apart. This is, essentially, your body’s natural seated position.

The goal is to put your body under as little stress as possible when you game. This is important because many gamers remain seated for hours on end. The better your positioning, the better you’ll feel when you get up and while doing other things in your life.

Related Questions

Does Posture Affect Gaming?

Posture doesn’t have a huge impact on gaming performance. But it’s still important to have good posture while you game. Doing so matters because you don’t want to stress your body out while you play. Maintaining proper posture while you game will help you feel your best both while you play and while you don’t.

How Should I Sit For FPS Games?

When playing an FPS game, you want to be comfortable above all else. Your head and back should be supported by your chair. Additionally, you should be able to relax your shoulders and keep your arms supported.

Your wrists should be in a neutral position. That means you should be able to make a straight line between your elbows and your fingertips.

Why Do Pro Gamers Lean Forward?

Pros gamers often lean forward while playing because doing so helps them focus. There isn’t a real scientific reason why that’s the case. It’s just something that many gamers do when they feel they need to perform their best.

Why Do CSGO Players Tilt Their Keyboard – Conclusion

CSGO is one of the most competitive games out there. So as you may expect, CSGO players do whatever it takes to gain an edge on the competition. As it turns out, they even have a preference on their keyboard angle.

This is because CSGO players tilt their keyboards for ergonomics. This small tilt in the keyboard helps position the keys in such a way to prevent stresses induced in the hand after prolonged gaming sessions.

We hope this article helped shed some light on why CSGO players tilt their keyboards. Thank you for reading!

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