Why Does TikTok Keep Resetting? (Stop It Now!)

The other day I was scrolling through TikTok and found that my app kept resetting. I was confused as to why my TikTok app was constantly resetting and was struggling to get my application back to normal. It took me a while to realize that my TikTok app was resetting for any number of reasons.

TikTok resets due to a lack of phone storage, required system updates on the mobile device, required app updates, a weak connection to the server, a VPN could be disrupting the connection, or the app’s cache data needing to be cleared.

If you find that your TikTok app keeps resetting like mine was, consider following these troubleshooting steps. If these solutions do not work for you, continue contacting TikTok support for further assistance with the issue.

Why is my TikTok constantly resetting?

Your TikTok is constantly resetting because the app thinks you want to see new and different content in your “For You Page,” so the app resets to generate new content.

Additionally, your TikTok will constantly reset if you have the “Background App Refresh” button on. This setting refreshes background applications that you are not currently using.

This may also happen as a result of an internal issue with the application. This article will provide a few troubleshooting solutions to address the problem of the TikTok app constantly resetting.

How do I get my TikTok back to normal?

1. Restarting the device

If your TikTok keeps resetting, you can get the application back to acting the way it should be restarting your device. Restarting the device can prevent or clear any minor software issues and glitches.

To restart an iOS device, hold the power button on your device, or the power button and the volume button, if applicable. Slide to power your device off, allow it to rest for a few minutes, and then hold the power button in again to restart it.

To restart an Android device, press in the power button on the mobile device until it shuts off. Press the power button in again to power the device back on.

2. Clearing phone storage

If your TikTok keeps resetting, it may be because there is not enough memory in your phone system. Like all applications, the TikTok app also requires a sufficient amount of phone storage. If your phone is low on storage, or your TikTok app is taking up a lot of memory space, you may find that your TikTok keeps resetting.

Remove any unnecessary applications and data from your phone. Once you have cleared up some phone storage, go back into the TikTok app, and check to see if the issue is still occurring.

If it is, you may need to clear TikTok’s cache data.

3. Clearing TikTok’s cache data

Clearing TikTok’s cache data can restore any of the app’s data that has been corrupted or has expired. You can clear the cache of the app in your mobile phone settings. Search for the TikTok application settings and select “Reset Cache on Next Launch” or “Clear Cache.”  

You can do this directly on the application, too, by going to your TikTok Profile, tapping the Settings icon, and selecting “Clear Cache.”

4. Updating the TikTok app

If you are experiencing issues with the TikTok app and find that your app keeps resetting, there may be a required update to the app that is causing the issue.

An out-of-date application will result in TikTok showing a variety of glitches.

You can check for available TikTok updates on the Google Play Store on Apple’s App Store.

5. System update on your phone

Oftentimes, if your phone is in need of a system update, your apps may not work as intended. If your phone requires a system update, installing the latest software will prevent any glitches in your TikTok application.

Check to see if your device requires a software update and update accordingly if so and you should notice that the issue has gone away.

6. Uninstalling and reinstalling TikTok

Oftentimes, uninstalling and reinstalling the TikTok app can address any glitches the app may be experiencing. When you delete the TikTok application from your mobile device, it clears the app’s cache which can resolve any software issues within the application.

To uninstall the app, press down on the application to select and delete it. Once the app is deleted, go into the app store on your respective device and search for the TikTok app.

Once you have reinstalled the application on your mobile device, re-enter your login credentials.

7. Stop Using a VPN

A VPN, known as a virtual private network, is an individual user’s way of establishing secure and private Wi-Fi access.

At certain times, if you are using a VPN, you may find that your apps are not performing as they normally do. A VPN can cause a disruption in the app’s connection to the server.

If your TikTok continues to reset, stop using your VPN.

8. Check your connection

If your internet connection is not stable, it will disrupt the server connection to TikTok, and your app may keep refreshing, resetting, or not working at all.

Check your wireless connection to ensure that is not causing any problems with the performance of your TikTok application. Considering resetting the main source of your wireless networks, like the router and modem.

9. Contact TikTok Support

If the issue of your TikTok account resetting or restarting continues to persist for you, consider contacting TikTok support for further advice.

TikTok Support is available online at www.support.tiktok.com and at their Help Center.

What does it mean when your account gets reset on TikTok?

If your account got reset on TikTok, it could mean a few different things. Oftentimes, users report that their account gets reset on TikTok if:

  • The app automatically installs an update
  • The TikTok server is down
  • Your phone storage is full
  • Your phone needs a system update

There are plenty of easily achievable solutions that can be applied if your TikTok keeps resetting. If your TikTok account keeps resetting, ensure that you cycle through the solutions above.

Additionally, you can consider searching the hashtag #tiktokdown on Twitter to see if other users are reporting similar issues with the app.

Why Does My TikTok Keep Logging Me Out?

According to the team at TikTok, your TikTok may log you out if someone is trying to remove an active device from your account through the TikTok application settings.

If your app keeps logging you out, you may need to update the application itself or update your phone’s software. Additionally, it may just be that the servers are down, and users across the platform are experiencing the same issue.

If you are on TikTok and using a VPN, consider turning it off since VPNs slow down the TikTok application in general.

Check out this video for more information on the topic.


TikTok is a wonderful app that attracts millions of users from across the globe. The application makes content-making and sharing all the more possible. This is why it can be so frustrating when the TikTok application keeps resetting.

If your find that your TikTok application continues to reset, you should ensure that you have a stable connection and are not using a VPN, restart your phone or the application, delete and re-install the app, or clear TikTok’s cache data.

If none of these solutions address the issue for you, consider contacting TikTok support directly for more assistance with the issue.