Why iPhones might become the biggest gambling platform in the world

Sorry Android users, but it’s time to switch to an iPhone if you want the best gaming experience possible. The debate Android VS iPhone has been going on for a number of years now. With people stating why this phone is better than this phone and why this phone is more superior than that. The debate seems to come to an end when taking into consideration which one is the best gambling platform, as the iPhone wins by a mile.

Why Are Gamblers Going For iPhones?

Age Doesn’t Matter

As long as the iPhone can support the latest iOS operating system, even the old iPhone you have stored in the bottom of your cupboard can run the most intensive game there is. So, regardless of whether you have an iPhone which came out six years ago or the latest one, you can play your favourite slots hassle free!

Convenience And Comfort

Have you ever had to wait an hour for the bus to finally arrive? It’s the longest and most boring hour of your life. But think how much better that hour would be if you could gamble while waiting. With an iPhone, it’s possible!

Thanks to your iPhone, you can gamble on the go, regardless of where you are! So whether you’re waiting for the bus, at the dentist’s office, or at a restaurant, try your luck out on a few slots!

This also allows you to spend more time trying out new games and slots. If before you would only gamble when you got home from your home desktop, now you can gamble anytime you want, increasing your chances of winning!

Higher Game Diversity

Thousands of titles will be available at your disposal when playing on your phone, in comparison to land-based casinos who only offer a few hundred slots you can try your luck at.

You can pick and choose according to what you like!

Rewards And Bonuses

With the online gambling sector growing at a fast pace, more and more mobile gambling sites are offering their users competitive bonuses and rewards just for signing up! That’s right, you can start earning just by signing up to a new site!

Moreover, players can purchase VIP memberships and experience what it feels like to be treated like one of the stars!

Apple Pay

When choosing a mobile site, it’s important to choose one that offers a variety of secure payment methods.

Apple Pay is a fast and secure way to transfer and withdraw funds. iPhone users know that once a payment has been linked to your phone, all you need is your fingerprint or passcode to make a deposit in seconds. You’ll make the transaction faster than Dom Toretto can cross the finish line!

While it’s important to choose a site which is secure, Apple Pay takes security a step further by acting as a middleman for payments. You won’t need to share your banking details every time you make a transaction, so if your account gets hacked, your details would be safe and inaccessible.


Due to Apple’s dedicated software team, all games playable on iPhone are user friendly! You don’t need to figure out how to play a game or where to press as everything will be easily legible and easy to find.

Sense Of Community

Don’t think of playing online as losing a sense of community, instead, see it as an opportunity to make connections from all around the globe.

Online casinos allow you to meet and connect with people you wouldn’t have met if you went to your local casino. Form friendships while you play and learn a thing or two from each other.

Make A Night Out Of It

What’s better than gambling from the comfort of your home? Gambling with your friends!

Make a night out of it by having your friends over and gamble together! It could be a fun way you can all bond and you can place bets on your own friends!

For example, placing a bet that Player A will win the first round of Blackjack. Tensions get higher now that there is more than one bet going on!

Final Words

The people at Apple are constantly trying to come up with new updates and improved softwares to better your mobile and gaming experience! Keep an eye out on what might come next, you never know what surprises lie ahead!