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Are you getting Witcher 3 script compilation errors? The Witcher 3 is a popular, action role-playing game that is developed by Polish developer CD Projekt Red, which are the same people that brought you CyberPunk 2077. Its a really fun game, but its not exactly perfect.

If you are getting one of a variety of script compilation errors on Witcher 3? No worries, these are relatively common errors on the third edition of the game.

This problem can often be resolved by updating the game & any mods that may be installed. Also, make sure to remove any faulty or unstable mods that may be loaded into the game. You can also try merging some of your mod scripts using a script merger app. Another simple thing you can do to resolve the problem is by downloading the unification patch.

This error occurs when Witcher 3 players are trying to run the game with mods using either the Nexus Mod Manager or a variety of other mod Witcher 3 mod tools. In Witcher 3, the developers addressed many bugs and errors associated that were associated with Witcher 2. While this is itself a good thing, it has somewhat broken many mod managers as they depended on a few of these bugs in order to function.

So, as you would expect, the game can experience plenty of trouble when trying to run mods and can make it so that Witcher 3 can’t run scripts. In this article, we will go over exactly what triggers this error message. We will also talk about some things that you can do to resolve the issue.

What Causes Script Compilation Errors? 

As you may have noticed, you will only get the script compilation error message when you try to apply mods on the Action role-playing game. This may be caused by different things, some of which are discussed below: 

Mod Conflicts 

If you have multiple mods installed, they may end up conflicting with each other. This is particularly the case if the installed mods are of different versions. For instance, installing mod version 1.30 alongside mod version 1.31 may result in conflict issues, which may trigger script compilation errors.

GOTY, And Mod Version Incompatibility 

Again, the mods you are running may be conflicting with the GOTY version you have. If you try to install Mods version 1.30, while you have GOTY version 1.31 may also result in incompatibility issues. Basically, the mod version 1.30 you are installing will just override certain of the features of the version 1.31 GOTY. 

While this does not always trigger script compilation errors, the incompatibility will definitely result in gameplay problems.

Outdated Game Patch 

Running mods of any version on an outdated Witcher 3 game patch may also trigger script compilation errors. To avoid such a scenario, it is advisable to first download and install/reinstall the latest game patch before applying mods on the Witcher 3 game. 

Faulty/Outdated Mods 

You may also be getting the script compilation error message simply because the mods you are trying to apply are corrupted or outdated. In such a case, the best remedy would be to install the latest Mod versions before playing the game. 

Incorrect Telemetry Keyword 

The compilation error message on the Witcher message may also be triggered by when an incorrect telemetry keyword is applied. This occurs when the wrong telemetry keyword has been configured for the mods on your Witcher 3 game. 

The best way to fix such an issue would be to reconfigure the telemetry keyword and use the right one, as explained below. 

Corrupted Hack Folder Files 

If you are getting the Witcher 3 compilation error message, chances are that one or more of the files within the Hack Folder are corrupted. This may also occur when some files are automatically installed into the Hack folder. 

If this is the problem in your case, you will need to remove the problematic files to resolve the error code, as explained later in this guide. 

How To Fix Witcher 3 Script Compilation Errors 

Witcher 3 is an intriguing game. However, the Witcher 3 engine does not handle game kids so well. Due to the above-discussed causes, the game may end uploading just the first mod file it finds, and ignore other files with the same name from other mods. As a result, the game may load just a single mod successfully.

The other mods will be loaded partially or fail to load altogether. In severe cases, you will get a winter 3 script compilation error notification when you try to apply mods. Note that altering the priority of the mod in the game will not solve the problem. 

To fix this problem once and for all, you need to troubleshoot for the actual cause and fix it accordingly. Here are some of the most effective methods and procedures you may use to fix Witcher script compilation errors:

Method 1: Update The Game & Mods 

If you suspect that either the game or any of the mods you are trying to update is outdated, you should start by updating them. From any of your preferred browser, navigate to the developer’s website and download authentic patch files, including the Day 1 patch, 1.22 Patch, 1.10 Patch, 1.30 Patch, 1 1.24 Patch, and the 1.31 Patch

Save the files in a single folder, and then proceed to install each of them in sequence. To install any of the patches, open the download folder and double-click on the executable file in the patch file. Next, you should click on the “Update” button on the window that opens.

While downloading Witcher game mods, be sure to download the version that corresponding to the game patch version you are running. For instance, install only version 1.31 mods after updating the game to patch 1.31 to avoid conflict issues. 

Method 2: Remove The Faulty Mod (s)

As mentioned earlier in this guide, Witcher script compilation errors are caused by conflicting mods. Although modes will add certain functions, and enhance your gameplay, running the wrong ones can result in a conflict. This is particularly the case if the mod is outdated or is not compatible with the other mods.

If this is the problem in your case, you should locate the faulty mod and disable it to clear this error message. To save time and the hustle locating individual mod files in the game folder, you should just delete the entire mod folder. 

The folder is normally found on the game directory. After deleting the mod folder, you will need to install them once again. Try installing them one at a time and run the game after each mod installation to identify the one that is causing problems. 

Method 3: Merge Mod Scripts (Script Merger App) 

From your preferred browser and download the Script Merger program. Once the file has finished downloading, double-click on it, and follow the on-screen prompts to install it on your computer. With the app installed, follow the following steps to merge mod scripts, hence clear compilation errors: 

Step One: Open Witcher 3 Directory 

Launch the Script Merger and navigate to its home screen. From the home screen, click on the three-dots icon that occurs parallel to the text field, towards the top of the screen. You should then browse to the Witcher 3 Directory. 

Step Two: Locate Conflicting Mods 

Click on the Refresh button, located adjacent to the “Conflicts” label. This will help you identify the conflicting mods in the Witcher 3 game. Select the conflicting mods before clicking on the “Merge Selected Script”. This button is situated at the bottom of the window.

The computer will then carry out an automatic repair on the mods where possible. It will then display a list of the mods that were successfully repaired, and the ones that need to be repaired manually. Click on the OK button.

Step Three: Repair Mods That Need To Be Repaired Manually 

The program will display three columns, columns A, B, and C on the upper part of the window. The lower half of the screen displays the output column. The mods that need to be repaired manually are highlighted in yellow in the upper columns. 

Scroll downwards to the output column to find the “Merge Column”. Right-click on this line and then right-click on the column label, in which the actual mod is highlighted in yellow. For instance, if the code is highlighted in column C, just right-click on the Merge columns and then choose the “Select Lines from C” option. 

Step Four: Save The Changes 

Once you are done merging the problematic mods, navigate to the File tab on Script Merger. From the File tab, select the Save option to save the changes you just made. Click on OK on the “Merged Files” window that pops up. 

Once done, close Script Merger and then launch the Witcher 3 game to check whether the error code has cleared. 

Method 4: Download The Unification Patch

If the above-described procedures have not fixed the Witcher 3 script compilation errors, installing the unification patch will do the trick. From your preferred browser, download the authentic Witcher 3 game.

Once the download is complete, copy the Content, and Mods folder and then paste it in the Witcher 3 folder on the game directory. Click on “Copy and Replace” on the window that just popped up. Allow the PC enough time to replace all the files. 

Now launch the Witcher 3 game to see whether the script compilation errors have cleared. 


Regardless of the mode management tool, you are using for the Witcher 3 game, you may end up getting script compilation errors. As you have learned in this guide, this error message may be triggered by different things, all of which call for different remedies.

If you used the Script Merger to fix the errors, you will need to run the Script Merger App every time you install, update, or remove a mod. With this guide, you will not need professional assistance to clear Witcher 3 script compilation errors. 

We hope this articled helped you resolve this problem. Thank you for reading!

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