Woocommerce Push Notification: A Vision Of The Future

In today’s competitive business environment, it has become very important for businesses to keep their prospective as well as existing customers interested, engaged, and retained for their products and services. And all these things could be easily done by utilizing the trending woocommerce push notifications and WordPress push notifications as well. 

But using this woocommerce push notification strategy doesn’t always result in the best output which certainly happens due to the lack of proper planning and its implementation as well. That is why it has always been considered that implementing a successful woocommerce push notification strategy is a mixture of science and art as well. 

So, if you plan your woocommerce and WordPress push notifications well then it is definitely going to give you the results which even you have not expected. Apart from this, this woocommerce push notifications strategy is further going to be an important element of your overall marketing strategy in the future which today I am going to show you how: 

Rich Woocommerce Push Notifications 

A rich push notification message is that which uses emojis, images, gif files, and web links as well instead of simply using the text. Here the purpose of using these features along with the content is to make a push notification more attractive and appealing for the users which they can’t avoid. 

Now in the future, the woocommerce, as well as WordPress Push Notifications, are going to be transformed in such a way where they will look more like a social media post rather than just a push notification message. This is because of the users who are also getting more advanced so to impress these fully updated users would not be eas

Here, apart from using the gifs and images, you will also be able to use the audio and video files as well. Further, as we already know, just like social media, the push notification text also came with a content limit. Hence, you will definitely want to make it look snappy so that it would immediately catch your users’ attention. 

As per the facts, when you add these kinds of attractive elements in your push notification message then it eventually increases up to 57% of users’ engagement with your webpage as well as with your mobile app. Thus by using these woocommerce rich push notifications, you can quickly announce your new product launches, limited discount offers, your upcoming events, and more things like these. 

Add Woocommerce Push Notification Action Buttons

In technical terms, the push notifications action buttons are considered as rich media attachments which are powerful enough to capture your users’ attention. Now when we talk here about the future of Woocommerce Push Notifications then the name of the push action button says it all. In brief, we can describe it as a button that could certainly be added to your push notification message and that will obviously be clickable by your user. 

This means it will be possible for the users to take action on the receipt message in the form of push notification on their personal devices where earlier these push notification messages used to be one-sided only. Further on this, the action button will be able to provide various actionable features to your users where they can easily snooze a receipt message from your side or they can directly share it on their personal social media accounts or they can directly open your webpage or might be a specific page relevant to yours. This means they would be able to perform so many actions by having a single click button that also makes the conversation two-sided. 

By using these push notification action buttons you will certainly be more efficient in re-welcoming your old users, increasing your social media account engagements, sending interactive reminders to the inactive users and moreover spreading your transactional reach as well. But here before adding these powerful action buttons to your WordPress push notifications marketing campaigns, you certainly will be required to plan in advance which action you want your users to take by pressing this button. Apart from that, when they press the button, then where you want to send them. All these things should be well planned so that you can achieve the maximum benefit. 

Woocommerce Push Stories

Apart from adding rich media and powerful action buttons, here you can also add woocommerce push stories in the notification messages. These push stories will allow you to create an interactive image gallery for your push notification post where you users can simply view the update directly on their front screen.

This is going to be one of the best woocommerce push notification features to date which will be considered best for engaging, retaining, and creating interest in the new as well as your existing users.


From the above discussions, here we can conclude if you really want to boost your web page users’ engagements then plan now to utilize these personalized notifications which could be based on your users’ previous actions and their interests as well. 

WonderPush provides you an immense ability to use WordPress-Woocommerce push notifications. This will help you to attain your business goals easily and that too with minimum effort.

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