World’s 10 Most Expensive Phones Ever Made

We use phones for various things including communication and browsing the internet. Other people mainly use mobile phones to take photos, videos and share them with their friends and relatives. However, there are several phones that are expensive and meant for the rich and famous. While these devices perform the same functions as normal mobile devices, what sets the former apart is their design, aesthetics, and of course their price tag. This article focuses on 10 most expensive mobile phones ever made. Continue reading to find out which ones made it to our list.

Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond

The most expensive phone ever made, the Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond is priced at $48 million. This phone’s design is quite simple and is set in a 24-carat gold exterior. The Falcon Supernova comes in two versions – gold and platinum – and is marked by diamond studs on its rear panel. It isn’t known how many phones of this brand were made, but super-wealthy people like an Indian businesswoman, Nita Ambani, are the proud owners of the Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond phone.

iPhone 4S Elite Gold

This phone redefines luxury and wealth. It is priced at $9.4 million, is handcrafted, and is also customized for its owners. The iPhone 4S Elite Gold comes in a box made of the polished bone pieces of a dinosaur and rare gemstones. Studded with 500 diamonds, this iPhone’s rear panel is made up of 24-carat solid gold. The Apple logo on the phone is also made of 24-carat gold. It’s rumoured that there are only two units of the iPhone 4s Elite Gold. One of them is owned by an Australian businesswoman, while the other is still available.

Stuart Hughes iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition

With a price of £5 million, this phone is one of the most expensive devices ever made. The bezel is made from rose, and it has 500 diamonds (total 100 carats) lining it. The main navigation button is a single-cut 7.4-carat pink diamond. You can replace this pink diamond with another 8-carat rare diamond. The chest which houses this phone is made from a special granite whose weight is a massive 7 kg. Stuart Hughes has made only two units of this phone, which are still up for grabs.

Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme

Priced at $3.2 million, this iPhone is the fourth most expensive device in the world. It took Stuart Hughes 10 months to produce this mobile phone in his factory in Liverpool. The Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme is similar to the iPhone 3G Kings. However, what sets it apart is the 136 diamonds and 71 grams of 22-carat gold. This Midas-touch amazing phone has a 7.1-carat diamond as its navigation button. It is set in a 7 kg granite box lined with nubuck leather. We don’t know yet how many units of the Goldstriker iPhone were produced, and who owns them.

iPhone 3G King’s Button

Touted as the fifth-most expensive phone in the world, the iPhone 3G King’s Button is priced at $2.5 million. It comes in 3 versions;18-carat white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. This simple, yet expensive device is the handiwork of an Austrian businessman, Peter Alisson. Look at the body of this phone, and you will find 138 brilliant diamonds lining up the edges. The main navigation button is a 6.6-carat diamond. Again, we don’t know how many units of this brand have been made and who owns them.

Diamond Crypto Smartphone

The price of the Diamond Crypto Smartphone is not much; it is just $1.3 million! This phone is special because it encrypts voice calls and SMS messages. This feature makes the Diamond Crypto Smartphone safe and reliable. Made from 18-carat rose gold, this device has 50 diamonds encrusted around it. This phone also consists of 5 blue diamonds. Produced by Peter Alisson and JSC Enkort, this phone was for the Russian tycoons who were worried about their security. There is little information on the number of units produced.

Goldvish Le Million

This expensive phone has a tapering design and is priced at $1 million. The Goldvish Le Villion phone was made by a Swedish company called Goldvish in 2006. Available in Yellow, Rose, White and Gold colours, this diamond phone has a 2MP rear camera and an image resolution of 1600×1200 pixels. You would be astonished to know there are 120,000 diamonds on this phone’s body! Also, this device has 18-carat gold on it, and only three models came out. We don’t know who owns these luxurious phones.

Gresso Luxor Las Vegas

This insanely expensive phone has a price of a whopping $1 million. Only 3 units of this mobile device have been produced so far. You would have to win a jackpot to get this device which is packed with diamonds, sapphires, and of course 18-carat gold. Critics say this device is more like a tiara than a mobile phone! The high point of the Gresso Luxor Las Vegas is its box which is made of a 200-year- old African Blackwood. Playing Platincasino on mobile is already really enjoyable but imagine playing it on a Gresso Luxor Las Vegas, that is a whole new experience.

Sony Ericsson Black Diamond

This phone features a high design with excellent technical specifications. A wave-shaped phone, the Sony Ericsson Black Diamond has a 4MP high-end camera, OLED technology, and a thin, glossy design. This phone also has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity technologies. The high point of this phone is its intuitive touchscreen. This phone is for all those who can spend $300,000 and have an eye for design and technology. We don’t know how many units of this phone were produced by Sony in 2006.

Vertu Signature Cobra

Though Vertu’s price is $310,000, this phone packs in so many features, you would be amazed. The Vertu Signature Cobra has a 5.2-inch display screen, 4 GB RAM and 64 GB internal storage. Not just this, but this phone also has a microSD card of 2 TB, 21 MP rear camera and 2.1 MP front camera. Only 8 units of this phone have been made. Some of the richest people in the world own these phones.


All the phones above have diamonds, sapphires, gold and other expensive materials. While these phones are for the rich and famous, they still have the latest features, such as NFC, Bluetooth, etc. The owners of these luxurious phones can accomplish several things with their devices. At the same time, all these expensive mobile phones are extremely rare; companies make these devices only on-demand for their rich customers. The design and materials used in these devices make them worth their prices.

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