Your Future Is a Smart Home

Smart homes are believed to be the future of our lives. And indeed, a smart home increases life comfort, and boosts the safety level. However, even though the benefits of living in a smart home are evident, many people believe that it is not affordable. It was correct just a couple of years ago. But now, the prices for smart devices are dropping, salaries are increasing, and there are many items in the market that allow you to perform some automation works on your own.

We start here with the basics. Later, when you feel more comfortable, you can continue trying with more complex projects and turn your home into a smart hub.

A Height-Adjustable Desk to Improve Work Efficiency

If you work with a computer, your first place to automate is the place where you work. So, a height-adjustable desk is the very first item you might need. You can buy it or you can build it by using a lifting frame that you can purchase on this website. If you need, you can add accessories.

A height-adjustable desk will take care of your posture, the health of your back, neck, hands, and even head. In the short term, it will help you to get rid from pains in the back, neck, and migraines. And in the long term, you will forget about obesity (if you use the desk correctly, of course) which will reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and even cancer. 

To accompany your new desk, you need a good chair and an ergonomic carpet to distribute the weight of your body correctly when you are standing. 

Now, you can advance with other ideas for your home improvement.


Kitchen Automation

Your kitchen offers immense opportunities for automation of all kinds. You can start with lifting columns in your cabinets. They will allow you to keep some of your devices inside, and have the cabinet surfaces free.

Another good idea to keep your kitchen tidy is to use drop-down racks and shelves. 

  • You can fix an actuator in a wall-mounted cabinet. 
  • In the cabinet bottom, make an opening to let the actuator drop down. 
  • To the movable side of the actuator, fix a rack or a shelf. 

Now, you can arrange the things on the rack, and hide it when they are not in use. When you need something there, you just make the actuator drop down, and the needed items appear at a comfortable height. If you don`t like the idea of cutting an opening in the cabinet bottom, hide the actuator on the wall behind the cabinet. 

Then, you might want to install smoke and/or carbon detectors. They will let you know if something goes wrong and the lives of your family members are in danger.

A smart oven will prepare your favorite dish without you being worried about settings, and similar.

Now, we move to the living room.

Your Living Room Upgrade Plan

Now, let us check what can be done in your living room. There, you can do so many things! What about a TV lift? If you prefer a DIY project, you can buy a TV lift and hide it in any available cabinet. On the lift, you install your TV set, and the lift will hide it in the cabinet or lift it when you want to watch a movie or your favorite show.

Instead of installing a TV lift in a cabinet, you can hide it behind any furniture piece. Fix it on a wall in the needed position. In the retracted position, it shall hide the TV set behind the furniture piece. In the extended position, the TV set shall be moved to a location from where it is comfortable to watch it.

Another amazing option to upgrade your home is to make a ceiling installation of the TV lift. For it, you would need to call a specialist because this is one of the most complicated installations.

Some General Ideas to Improve the Quality of Your Life

Automation of some pieces of furniture is important and nice but it doesn`t turn your usual home into a smart one. Now, it is time to talk about how to turn your home into a smart one.

  • Install smart doorbells. With them, you will get rid of the need to run to the door every time somebody is ringing the doorbell.
  • Install smart locks. They will help you to get rid of worries every time you are leaving your home. You will not have to worry about whether you have not forgotten to lock the doors.
  • Interior and exterior cameras are a must. With them, you will have your house safe. Whenever something happens, you can see it directly in your smartphone screen, and if you buy a proper security plan, an operator will notify the emergency services or the police in case something happens.
  • Smart thermostats are your next step. They will help you to regulate the house temperature. When you leave your home, the temperature will be lowered and supported at a set level until you come back. Or you can set the thermostat up to increase the temperature, say, one hour before you arrive so that when you come, the atmosphere at home is already pleasant enough.
  • LED light bulbs help to save a lot of energy. There are smart bulbs, they can be set up to turn on and off at a specific time or when no movement is detected during a specified time frame. But even ordinary LED bulbs will contribute heavily to energy-saving and will help you to lower your financial burden. 

Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Every day, you spend some time on cleaning activities. While during this time, you could be doing something else, something more pleasant. Robot vacuum cleaners allow you to forget about cleaning. 

Bottom Line

Of course, the mentioned projects are not the only ones to improve your well-being and arrange life in an easier and more pleasant way. Now, everything is available. You can automate everything, and a smart home will change the way you live.

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