Your Ideal LinkedIn “Thank You” Message

Sending an impressive thank you message to your prospect or connection can benefit your business in multiple ways. So, whether your request has been accepted or you are responding after positive feedback, small gestures can make your business noticeable. 

Also, if your business is based on LinkedIn, you need to create good relations with your partners, prospects, and existing connections. A thank you message helps boost the reach; it positively impacts visibility and improves B2B sales. Therefore, it’s crucial to know how to write a thank you message. 

What is a LinkedIn “Thank You” Message?

When you are messaging on a professional platform like – LinkedIn, the meaning of a thank you message is quite straightforward. But, if you observe closely, there are various reasons to send a thank you message to your connection. However, most people sending a thank you note or message on LinkedIn are due to a positive interaction or response. You might also wish to thank someone who has shared a useful piece of content on the platform. 

As you can see, the purpose of the message itself varies. All these messages are quite different from each other. So, whether you are sending an automated message or personalizing each one, each message should be appropriate according to the receivers and your relationship with them. 

Why Should You Send a “Thank You” Message?

As mentioned above, there are various reasons to write a thank you message. Below, we have shared a few examples to mention a thanking note to the receiver. 

  • Every time you connect or reconnect with a person
  • After receiving a positive response 
  • After receiving an informational message 
  • After finalizing a meeting or interview 
  • To appreciate the employee within the company
  • When your invitation is accepted
  • And simply when you felt good about an interaction 

Whenever we receive a thank you or a compliment from another person, it activates the happy hormones while developing a sense of fulfillment and belongingness towards the other person. Similarly, the more you send a thank you note or message to your connections, the more you feel useful and appreciated. In a nutshell, when you send out a personalized message, you will never go wrong with it and create a sympathetic bond with each other. 

Although people feel weird while sending a thank you message, a personalized thank you message can improve the conversation and bond. However, timing also matters. A timely thank you message can take you a long way! Whether you have met the person yet or not, a gesture like thanks can be welcoming. Also, showing that you care about the connection is a great way to stay on the radar of that connection. 

How to Send a Thank You Message on LinkedIn?

Spending a good amount of time writing a good thank you note and effort into highlighting key points leaves a good impression on the receiver. Although the tone of the message depends upon the content or occasion of thank you. But there are some rules one should always consider while writing a thank you note. 

  • Start with a strong language 

The best way to start with a thank you message is to have a conversational and eye-catching headline. It will help engage the receiver and interest him to move forward with your message. But also make sure to avoid fancy vocabulary and come up with a simple, straightforward message. The message should be easy to read and understand. Also, don’t forget to mention all the necessary information you want to share with your recipient. 

  • Personalize the message 

When you personalize the message with the receiver’s name, it makes the efforts you made to write the message. Moreover, using the same thank you message template for everyone will make it obvious for the receiver to predict the message you sent. And it will start to look like you are even sincere with your efforts and message. So, they will avoid reading that same old and repeated text. So, instead, try adding their name and a few personalized details to show that you care your every recipient. 

  • Keep the message short 

While mentioning each detail, keep the context as precisely as possible. Avoid adding fluff texts or essay-type messages, and keep your Thank you message on LinkedIn on point. At the same time, always remember to show that “you are grateful.” But again, it’s recommended to avoid overly long details. Plus, it is important to explain what you are thankful for, why your message is beneficial, and how you can build the connection further. 

  • Try and include a question

If you wish to continue the interaction, try to leave a relevant question for the receiver. This will help increase engagement. Also, they will be encouraged to reply, and this way, you can keep the conversation alive. 

  • Avoid adding promotional text

Adding a promotional text to the thank you message is a big turnoff. Nothing is worse than adding a promotional or selling text to the connect request or a thank you text. It’s better to keep this thing for later and initially focus on connecting with the receiver. You can personalize your text or take the help of LinkedIn automation tools

Using an LinkedIn Automation Tool

Today, our online market is filled with numerous automation applications that can automate your LinkedIn messages on behalf of you. It also offers a handful of templates to make use of. However, one of the most beneficial automation tools is – Dripify.

Dripify is an advanced LinkedIn automation software that helps structure the sales funnel faster and optimize the data. It allows users to select an appropriate automated delay, conditions, and acts to generate prospecting programs. On the other hand, analyze the data with the help of advanced algorithms. This tool integrates efficiently with CRM solutions, which works fantastic for launching campaigns. 

With Dripify, one can conduct A/B testings and manage leads quite easily. You can also establish a selective workflow, keep track of team members and analyze preferential roles and privileges. That will further help you analyze the everyday LinkedIn dynamics and prepare a lead summary report, which is a downloadable file. 

How Do I Automate My LinkedIn Messages?

If you are unaware of various features of LinkedIn, it has one of the best automation provisions for messaging. But before moving forward, it’s important to understand one thing:

Your message speaks to the target.

So, it should be honest, transparent, and sympathetic towards the clients. And one of the best practices is to personalize each message individually. 

When it is the time to automate the LinkedIn messages, you set up the right automation tool to mimic the behavior of a regular human employee. That help reaches out to various aspects of marketing and LinkedIn lead generation.

The procedure:

  1. First, you have to set up customized tags in the template of private LinkedIn messages
  2. Then, analyze common topics between you or your clients (domain, profession, specific subject, etc.) 
  3. Show care and interest in leads choices (mentioning their work profile) 

And during the campaign period, LinkedIn or an automation tool will register these details (including – the name of your client, partnered company, or prospect partner) and send a personalized message to them. An automation tool will also keep an eye on the inbox for further activity and promptly acts to follow-up messages. It also helps save time manually reaching out and allows you to generate meaningful content for clients. They help establish a strong relationship with each client separately. 

Best Thank You Message Tips

If you are looking for “how to write a thank you message on LinkedIn,” we have come up with a few tips to consider: 

  • First of all, greet your client by their name
  • Convey your gratitude and highlight “why you are sending this mail”
  • Mention details like – your experience with them (ensure that you are thoughtful and specific)
  • Again repeat “thanks”
  • Then, finally, close your message with a sign-off (warm regards, truly yours, cheers, etc.) and add your signature. 

You can also refer to the demo LinkedIn thank you message template mentioned below – 

  • If your LinkedIn connection request has been accepted, you can use “Thanks for adding me.” or “Thanks for getting connected.”
  • Dear (add the name of your client) 
  • Be grateful about getting connected: “Pleased to find that you have accepted my connection request, looking forward to interacting more with you.”
  • Next, you can mention areas of expertise or business you deal in.
  • Then add a call to action “it would be great if you could spare us a few minutes to arrange a meeting over a call?” and share your credentials. 
  • Then if someone accepts your invitation, revert with a thankful gesture “Thank you for inviting me” – if someone invites you. Else, “Thank you for accepting my invite and arranging a call with them,” and further put a compelling message for your client.  


We hope that some of your doubts are clear now and you are prepared to personalize your LinkedIn Thank you message! However, always make sure to be conversational while being professional. It’s essential to play smart and avoid being professional while you are writing a  thank you message. At last, we recommend considering the guide given above for a detailed overview of the ideal Thank You message.