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Streaming videos online using YouTube is a common thing amongst people today. It has become a lifestyle chosen by a large percentage of people. YouTube is a renowned platform known for its video content. It allows users to upload, watch, comment, and like videos but not download them. 

All that is needed to assess videos on YouTube is a browsing network and a device. The only limitation is time, data, and the fact that the website doesn’t allow users to download videos on their devices. It is quite disturbing that with the availability of free Wi-Fi, little can be done with these videos on YouTube. 

YouTube restrains user’s ability to download videos onto their respective devices. Only a suitable video downloader can download the video being streamed. To solve the dilemma of downloading YouTube videos, users can use Youtube downloader software for free.

YouTube downloaders such as Ontiva and YT1s YouTube downloaders are handy tools that allow users to download YouTube videos on their devices. 


What is a Youtube Downloader Software?

A YouTube video downloader software is free software that allows users to download and access videos in numerous formats.  Formats such as Mp4, MP3, GIF, FLV, FLAC, WMV, etc. These downloaders can be accessed on tablets, mobile phones, desktop PCs, and even laptops. They are quite easy to use and relatively understandable. Their interface is not always designed to be complex. 

In addition to this, this software supports the conversion of video files from one format to another. It allows edits such as compression, change in resolution, and watermarking of videos. Likewise, this software supports the download of low, medium, or high-quality video resolutions. Users are allowed to download their preferred resolution. 


Why Use a YouTube Video Downloader to Download Videos? 

A YouTube video downloader enables its users to download videos in preferred format. It as well supports the changing or conversion of video files from one format to the other. This YouTube video downloader grants users the ability to save these downloaded videos in their respective device storage. This allows the users to watch or access these downloaded videos at any time. 


How To Download Using a YouTube Video Downloader

These software downloaders are quite easy to use. This is because they are designed to be simple and easy to understand. These downloaders help to save users the stress of going through thousands of videos on google. Some of these YouTube downloaders include Ontiva and YT1s YouTube downloader 

Downloading YouTube Videos Using Ontiva 

Ontiva is one of the most reliable YouTube video downloaders with unlimited access to videos on YouTube. It allows users to download high-quality videos on YouTube. Ontiva enables users to download YouTube videos directly to MP3 format. 


Steps to Download YouTube Videos Using Ontiva 

Step 1: Fetch and copy the URL address of the YouTube video to be downloaded from the YouTube website.


Step 2: Go to on your web browser and paste the copied URL in the search column, then click on search.


Step 3: The YouTube video is previewed with different output formats made available. Formats such as audio, video, Gif, and thumbnails. The preferred output format is to be selected by users. 


Step 4: The user is expected to click on the download button after selecting the output format. Users are asked to choose between downloading on-device storage or dropbox storage. 


Downloading YouTube Videos Using YT1s YouTube Downloader

This software allows users to save videos from YouTube for offline usage. It guarantees a quick and easy download of YouTube videos. These videos can also be converted to other formats such as MP3 or 3GP, WEBM, or M4A, and many more.

Steps to Download YouTube Using YT1s YouTube Downloader

Step 1:  Fetch the URL for the YouTube video to be downloaded. Go to and paste in the search box. Users can also enter keywords in situations where there is no URL and click on search.


Step 2: The video gets previewed on the page, and users have to select the output format option. That is if it is to download as mp3 or Mp4 or even to convert to other formats. 


Step 3: Click on the download button and wait until the download is finalized. It is very fast and quite easily done. 


Factors to Consider When Choosing a YouTube Video Downloader

There are quite a few things to look at or consider when choosing a YouTube downloader. These things serve as a guide for making a good choice of a YouTube Mp3 downloader. This saves the stress of downloading a series of YouTube video downloaders without finding one of choice. Here are some of the factors or things to consider: 

Availability of Helpful Customer Assistance Services

Access to a reliable and helpful customer assistance service is essential when using new software. It comes in handy when users run into one or two troubles navigating or using the software. In some cases, it may even be software troubleshooting. 

Users can simply get help almost immediately and without stress from the customer assistance center. A YouTube downloader software must have a reliable customer service team. This team will handle users’ complaints and provide helpful assistance. 

Features Available for Use 

In most cases, users may intend to do some other editing to video asides from downloading. As a result of this, users must check all the features available in YouTube downloader software. This is done to make sure that all the necessary elements needed for the editing are available. 

To confirm this, users can get on the provider’s website to acquire the desired knowledge before subscribing. In case all functionalities are not stated on the website, the customer assistance center should be helpful. 

Easy Usability of Features

The usability of provided features matters a lot when choosing a YouTube downloader. Features made available by the developer of this software must be relatively easy to use. This is because a fully-featured YouTube downloader is not beneficial if the features are way too complex to use.

As a result of this, it is advisable to familiarize oneself with the available features. This way, users will get a chance to experience using these features.

Supported Format Option

A YouTube video downloader with a wide array of supported format options is the best. This is because users tend to have different preferred formats for videos downloaded. Therefore, users must make sure that a YouTube video downloader supports all the common file formats in use.

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