Is Thoptv Safe? [Read Before You Use It]

Thoptv is essentially an Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) that may be used the stream live TV as well as download movies and series. Through its IPTV and Content Delivery Network (CDN), Thoptv allows users to stream as well as download content in their preferred format and quality. 

You may thing of it as a video streaming application (app) that offers more than 3,000 TV channels free of charge. In this regard, it does lot require you to sign up or even log into the app watch any of these TV channels. 

The app is compatible with a vast array of devices, including Windows and Android devices. It is also compatible with almost all Smart TV models as well as the Firestick. Throughout this guide, you will learn the security concerns associated with Thoptv and whether it is safe to install. 

Thoptv is not a legal application, hence is not listed on the Google Play Store. Even so, the original version of the app is safe to install on any device, including Android TVs. APK files from third-party sources may be modified to include malware that can expose your device to various threats. 

To be on the safe side, scan the APK to check whether it is safe before installing it. 

Why Would You Choose ThopTV?

While there are may other services just like it, Thoptv is unique in a way. To begin with, you do not need a subscription plan not do you need to sign up or login to watch the 3000+ TV channels on offer. 

The ThopTV APK comes with an easy-to-use interface, which requires no technical skills to get started. It is less of a pocket television with unrestricted access to unlimited channels. The application is relatively easy to install and use, featuring an easy to use interface. 

In addition to the 3000+ TV channels, the app features a built-in video player that allows you to stream media content. You may also use the app along with your preferred Virtual Private Network (VPN) service to access geo-restricted channels and content on Thoptv. Other features you will come to like about Thoptv include: 

  • Features a CAST feature that allows you to project your Thoptv videos onto a bigger screen 
  • The Thoptv database has multiple TV serials installed 
  • The app is compatible with the MX Player for streaming HD content 
  • Offers 5000+ radio channels in addition to the 3000+ TV channels 
  • Compatible with an assortment of devices, including Android, Windows devices as well as the Firestick 
  • The app allows you to add subtitles to your favorite movies on the platform free of charge 
  • You may also watch premium content from Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar through the Thoptv app. 

Possible Drawbacks 

While streaming content on the Thoptv is free of charge, you need to upgrade to the premium version to download content. In this regard, you need to sign into the app in order to download content. Additionally, the App is not legal, hence is not published on the Google Play Store. 

Is Thoptv Truly Safe? 

Thoptv is essentially an Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) that may be used the stream live TV as well as download movies and series. Through its IPTV and Content Delivery Network (CDN), Thoptv allows users to stream as well as download content in their preferred format and quality.

Provided you downloaded the APK file from a reputable third-party source, Thoptv is safe to install and use on a wide range of mobile devices and Smart TVs. The only point of concern for many Thoptv critics is the permissions required by the app. 

As you may be aware, different Android apps require the user to grant them various permissions during installation. The same case applies to the Thoptv app. According to the critics, the application requires some permissions that they seem to be unnecessary. 

However, there is a reason behind each of the permissions required by the Thoptv app, as follows: 


 The app uses this permission to check such things as screen brightness, battery level and whether the screen is on or off. 


This permission is uses to ascertain whether the device is connected to the internet. This, in turn, allows the app to establish a safe connection to the content distribution network (CDN) and avail the content you need. 


This permission allows the Thoptv application to store data and files on the device memory. Contrary to the misconception by many, this permission does not grant the app permission to the data stored on the device. It only allows the app to store and access the files it needs to run on the local drive. 


This permission allows the application to check whether the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network and the state of the connection.

is Thoptv Legal in USA?

No, the Thoptv application is not legal in the USA or any other country for that matter. This is why the app is not listed on the Google Play Store. As a result, the app is only available from third-party websites. This introduced a new threat as some third-party sources have been known to offer a modified version of the original app. 

This may expose your device to different risks. To be on the safe side, you should check whether the APK is safe before installing it, as illustrated later on in this guide. 

Is It Safe to Install Thoptv on Android TV?

Yes, Thoptv is compatible with most of the leading Smart TV and Android TV models. Think of it as a way to make your Smart TV even ‘Smarter’. To access the 3000+ Thoptv channels on your Smart TV, you first need to install the application on your TV. 

Since the Thoptv app is not available on Google Play store, you need to download it from a third-party website. Be sure to get yours from a reputable and safe source. To install ThopTV on an Android TV, here are the steps you should follow: 

Step 1: Turn the Smart or Android TV on. From the home screen, navigate to the App drawer and launch your default browser app on the TV. 

Step 2: Select the URL address bar in the browser to bring up the virtual keyboard. In other models, you may need to use the remote control to type. Input Thoptv APK into the address bar and search for it. 

Step 3: From the search results, choose your preferred source and proceed to download the latest Thoptv app APK file. 

Step 4: Once the file has been downloaded, open it using the file manager on your Smart TV. When promoted, select the ‘Install’ option. Once installed, you should proceed to either sign up or login to your Thoptv account. 

Step 5: Next, you will be require to choose your preferred language, then set the app up in accordance to your preferences. This includes choosing your preferred TV shows. Once everything is set up, you are ready to stream and download content through Thoptv on your Smart TV.

Does Thoptv Have Netflix? 

Yes, Thoptv offers Netflix alongside a vast array of other amazing TV channels. In this regard, you can stream both Netflix and Amazon prime content on the app. This means that you can watch al the premium originals, TV shows, movies as well as the Netflix channel in real time through the Thoptv app. 

How to Check Whether the Thoptv APK is Safe

Since the Thoptv app is not available on Google Play, the only way to install it would be to side load it using an APK file. To do this, you need to have a copy of the APK file on the device, then enable ‘Unknown Sources’ for mobile devices. 

With this level of simplicity comes a considerable amount of risk. Based on statistical findings, you are about 10 times more likely to install harmful apps when downloading from a third-party source. The only way to install Thoptv involves downloading the app file from a third-party source. 

As such, it makes sense to first scan the app before installing it on your device. Discussed below are some of the methods you can use to verify that the downloaded file is what it claims to be: 

Scanning the APK File 

Different services may be used to verify the legitimacy of an APK file before installing it. Some of the best app scanning services include: 

This service allows you to upload the questionable file to their website then scan it for malware and viruses. This service can only scan files that are less than 128 MB in size. It should work for the Thoptv app since the APK file is way smaller than that.

This tool works much like the VirusTotal service discussed above. However, NViso ApkScan supports files larger than 128MB and provides a more detailed report on the scanned APK file. According to some users, it is also simpler and faster than the VirusTotal service. 

The detailed report, in this case, includes such details as the risk rating, and permissions that the app will ask for during installation. 

Checking the Hash 

You also need to verify whether you have actually downloaded the right Thoptv application file. The best way to do this would be to check its hash. Basically, the SHA of an APK file is like a digital fingerprint for the application. Most developers tend to publish the SHA for their applications. 

If the Thoptv SHA is publicly mentioned, then you can compare it to the SHA of the APK file you have. If the two match, you have the right application, and you can proceed with the installation. The Nviso ApkScan is one of the best tools for checking APK Hash. 

If you would rather check the hash from your phone, you should consider installing the Hash Droid app from the Google Play store. 

Final Verdict 

Thoptv may not be legal, but the original version of the app is a safe way to stream 3000+ TV channels free of charge. The app may be installed on almost any Android, windows and Smart TV device. Once installed, the app will give you access to premium content from Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar as well. 

Since you cannot install it from the Google Play store, you should consider scanning the APK file before installing it. Having scanned the APK file for malware and viruses, and verified its SHA, Thoptv is a safe app to install on any supported device.

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