Why Netgear Router Log Not Showing Websites [Proper Settings]

The problem of Netgear router log not showing websites can be annoying. The fact of the matter is, Netgear Routers are known to come with a wide array of features in addition to a high level of consistent hardware performance.

In fact, Netgear routers tend to have more features than other routers. Some Netgear router features are hard to find on competing models. One of those features is Netgear’s parental controls and logging features.

Most of the time, if see that your Netgear router logs are not showing websites, then the problem is something simple such as the logs being turned off or the router just needing to be reset. There are times, however, that it’s a more serious issue and you may just need to wait for a firmware update. 

Not only are you able to block certain websites, but you are also able to generate detailed logs of all of the websites that are accessed from within your network.

In this area, you are able to access traffic records that will show the exact amount of time that each users spends on each website. You can also see how many times any website in particular has been visited.

There are times, however, when you cant access Netgear logs and we understand that a Netgear router log not showing websites can be frustrating.

Netgear Routers Do Not Log Activity By Administrators

It’s important to remember that the log entries are only displayed when the keyword blocking feature is enabled. Also, there are no generated logs for the trusted user. So this means the Netgear router administrator’s web traffic is not ever put into the log.

This is a nice feature, but it would be a lot better if Netgear gave users the option on whether or not logging the administrator account. There could be several instances in which that’s the persons traffic that you need to log. For example, you may share administrator access with someone.

So, the problem of your Netgear router log not showing websites could be the simple that that it does not log website’s that are visited by the administrator account.

What is The Website For Netgear Router Login?

You can log in to your local Netgear router by going to routerlogin.net
If for whatever reasons routerlogin.net doesn’t work, don’t worry. It’s really easy to log into your router using the IP address.
Step 1: Open a web browser like Firebox, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge
Step 2: Enter in the URL bar at the top of the window.
Step 3: Enter your administrator password to login to your router.

Some Netgear router models include an activity log. This is a detailed record of the websites that have been accessed or were attempted to be accessed. This log can store up to 256 individual entries.

Netgear Router Log Not Showing Websites – View Activity Logs:

Step 1: Open your Netgear router’s administration page from a computer or mobile device that is connected to your router’s network.

Step 2: Select ADVANCED

Step 3: Click Administration

Step 4: Clock Logs

On the logs screen, you should be able to see the following information:

Date and time. This is the exact moment that the log entry was recorded.

Source IP. This is the IP address of the device on your network that initiated the log entry.

Target address. This is the name of the website or the IP address of the server or other service that was accessed or attempted to be accessed.

Action. This is the action that was taken by your Netgear router. It will let you know if it was blocked or allowed.

There are a few buttons located on the log page. These buttons make viewing the log useful and can better help you gain an understanding of what exactly is happening on your network and when that is happening. Here is a brief description of what each button on the log screen is for:

  • Refresh

This refreshes the log without you having to refresh your page. So, if you are wanting to see a new log entry, they best thing for you to do is click this button. Doing that will give you the fastest way to see actions as they happen on your network.

  • Clear Log

This will completely clear everything that is in the log. So, this means all log entries will be erased. This is basically a ‘Clear History’ button for your Netgear traffic logs.

  • Send Log

This button will email the log to whatever email is put in the Nethear router as the the administrator email. This is a convenient tool to have because you can send the log and then clear it.

Netgear Router Log Not Showing Websites

Netgear router log not showing websites can be something as simple as the feature not being turned on. For privacy purposes, logging and blocking features are not enabled by default. So, you have to turn them on to be able to use them.

How to Turn on Parental Controls on Netgear Routers

Your Netgear router log not showing websites could be because it’s not turned on. Parental controls and logging isn’t a feature that is going to be enabled by default on your Netgear router. There is good news, though. As it turns out, it’s easy to enable parental controls. Here’s how you do it:

Step 4: Go to the Administration tools section

Under the Parental control area of the page you will see that you can also enable the logging option.

After you change the setting to turn on this feature, it’s good measure to go ahead and restart the router. After it boots back up, make sure to verify that everything is working as it should

Reset Your Netgear Router

If you’ve tried all the solutions above and your router is still not working, then you might just need to reset it. There just might be some are in the configuration that isn’t working and a simple reset tends to fix these things. So, this is how to reset and Netgear router:

Step 1: Locate the DC power cable on the back of your Netgear router

Step 2: Remove the power cable

Step 3: Wait 30 seconds

Step 4: Then, plug the power cord back into the router
A lot of the time, a simple reset, which is also known as a power-cycle, can resolve a lot of issues that you may be having with your Netgear router. In fact, this principal applies to just about any electronic device.

There seems to be a known issue regarding this problem. There are several users in several forums that are complaining about this exact issue. In those forums, there have not been any posted solutions. So, this could be a firmware issue in some cases, and in other cases it could be the simple fact that the feature is disabled.

Contact Support

If you have tried everything above and still get it to work, then you have one more option. If all else fails, you could always contact Netgear support.

In most cases, Netgear is going to be able to diagnose and fix the issue for you, and if your router is having a hardware problem during the warranty period, then it won’t cost you anything.

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